Cheap Gifts From US to India

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Cheap Gifts From US To Get Relatives Back in India

Chocolates are always what my family gets relatives back in India, but sometimes it?s nice to get more creative with presents and get relatives something they may not be able to buy in India for a cheap price. Here is a list of ideas:

1) Bath and Body Works items: Whether it?s a body lotion, shower gel, or a gift bag, relatives are most likely going to love something from Bath and Body Works. The nice thing here is that relatives in India are going to think that you got these items from a fancy store, but in reality, you just got them for $15 at your local mall. Also, make sure to put these gifts in your checked bags since carry-ons have a limit to how much liquid you can store in them.

2) Makeup: Sometimes makeup can be expensive in India especially if it is from a luxury brand, but thankfully in the US, we have makeup kits are sold even in pharmacies. This is a great cheap gift to get relatives, and again, relatives may think you put a little more money than you actually did.

3) Accessories: I say accessories are a much better bet than clothing because clothes are always a risk to buy unless you are buying it for that one cousin who happens to be the same size as you. A handbag always seems like a great gift. Stores like Forever 21 and H&M always have great deals on handbags, so check out those stores for cheap gifts before you head out to India.

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