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Thread: When u go for the Interview that time remember these thing

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    Thumbs up When u go for the Interview that time remember these thing

    When u go for the Interview that time remember these thing -

    The interview:-

    Be early.
    Learn the name of your interviewer and greet him or her with a firm handshake.
    Use good manners with everyone you meet.
    Relax and answer each question concisely.
    Use proper English—avoid slang.
    Be cooperative and enthusiastic.
    Use body language to show interest—use eye contact and don’t slouch.
    Ask questions about the position and the organization, but avoid questions whose answers can easily be found on the company Web site.
    Also avoid asking questions about salary and benefits unless a job offer is made.
    Thank the interviewer when you leave and shake hands.
    Send a short thank you note.

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    Good tips
    I should say that never go deep with rules that may tense you. Go simply just remembering the rules is fine.

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    One more tip is maintain proper eye contact and just be alert , dont try to be a perfectionist you may screw up your answers.

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    Nice thread.
    Thanks for sharing

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    Excellent tips, thanks for sharing.

    You should be polite and meet the interviewer with a warm handshake. Get the details of organization before interview.


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    Most important . Be confident. You need only one post and thats for you!

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    The first thing we have to remember while facing an interview is that we should be confident in answering any questions with a small smile in your face.So that half of the success will be in your hands.

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    Just be confident,frank and don't try to bluff the interviewer..answer what you know and blossom your smile and be cool

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