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Thread: UK MPs 'claimed for swimming pools'

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    Arrow UK MPs 'claimed for swimming pools'

    Claims for swimming pool maintenance are among expenses claims by eight Tory MPs in the UK, says the Daily Telegraph.


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    SUBTITLE: MOAT CLEANING (Paragraph 7/12)

    Deputy Speaker Alan Haslehurst is reported to have claimed £142,000 on his country house, and £12,000 for gardening bills over five years.
    hahaha! what a real moat cleaning they spent from the tax payers money. Don't they think about the poor people fighting with poverty? They only know how to "drain out" but far from being clever in "tanking" money to the government. They are the real group of MP = Money Pooling.

    If this true ~ I think much better be UK's MP. Work less spent more.
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