Hi guys,

I am college graduate and a successful freelancer. My earnings till date is about 5L-6L in 2 years that I have worked online . Making money is the easiest ever. I have seen kids of the US make $2k per day without much work . I myself have made money though different sources and methods.
Now, my main reason for coming to this forum is to tell you that, after seeing how people outside of India are making money from websites that offer them jobs/freelance online, I have decided to make my own website that will work for Indians. It will not only connect the consumers to sellers but it will create something revolutionary.
That being said, I am in the developing stage of the website/app that will be launched in the next month hopefully. It can be referred to as a start up. I believe this will be the next big thing for Indians. I will be launching this website for the sole purpose of helping out the people that do not have a clue where to earn online. You will now. Soon, the hassle of going online researching how to make money will be history.
I cannot disclose what the website is about right now as its still in the development phase. But, I would like to know how many people are interested in the idea of making easy money online (NOT RELATED TO SMS JOBS, EMAIL SENDING, POSTING, PONZY SCHEME).

Thank you!