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Thread: Parenting - A WORLD of STRESS ?

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    Is Parenting A WORLD of STRESS ?

    Almost all parents would give a big 'YES' to this question..!
    When kids dont eat well, or become sick or dont do what you want...we become stressed! Being a mother of a 2yr old, i certainly admit that too..!

    But give it a time...! if we listen to what they are trying to say, we can certainly get over it..!

    Every parent would love to get rid of the stress and feel free to enjoy their living...!

    We can share the problems that are faced... so that we can work on how to make it in a workable way for both the parent and the kid.!I know how hard it is to understand what their actions are..? I have been working on this for quiet some time researching on all the parenting sites and how to cope up with it...!May be here we can make it cummulative here for Indian parents coz Indian kids do have certain behaviour traits..! and take it one a day!!

    Today's Pick!

    1. CRYING:

    Crying is a common trait of babies of all stages.

    This can be looked up on in a different way..! Babies cry to let you know that are uncomfortable. It is really difficult to cope with until they learn to speak and let us know what they want..!

    The best way to understand them, is to give them a gentle hug and comfort them , giving them a assurance that they are in the safe hands!

    Then look for possible discomforts, like their clothing, diaper, hunger.. and work towards..!

    You will be amazed once you start understanding their cries, u can find their pattern of crying and resolve it quickly.! You sure can bring the baby a happy child soon..!

    Intial patience pays off the stress involved over a period of time..!

    Any queries or suggestion regarding this are welcome..! Catch u everyday with a tip/comment/suggestion..! Share your thoughts!

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    Very Useful thread Nandi.. I am really admiring the way the threads are being posted in DB forum .. we have not only the news we heard, read and learnt... We are also sharing our experiences.. These types of information cannot be get through any other source...

    Good start on this Parenting Topic. Information like this might help newly born parents to take care of their babies.. It will be useful for me too in later point of time... Keep going Nandi...

    I think there are difference sounds that male and female babies are making while crying..
    Really only mom knows that very well what for the baby is crying..

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    Hey Nandi , I hope your kid is not giving you trouble...

    It would be much helpful if you can share your experience on Parenting on a continous basis as I found your 1st pick informative . Although I dont have a kid on my own ( I am too young for that now , lolz) ,your tips will surely help me in looking after my niece....

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    hi nandi i feel its both gives us stress as well us stress buster i hav 2 kids aged 5 and second one is 10 months old ya i get stressed a lot of time but when i see them playing together laughing i gives me lots of pleasure... feels like all my stress is gone this is life .. kids r god given gift to us lets enjoy our lifes..

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    If you think bringing up child is tought task, gives more stress, something like that.

    It is not a stressful job at all.. You have to take it as a challenge and mould the child in such a way that it should excel in all fields.

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    ya Nandi very good thread and useful ......

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    very good thread and useful

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    Parenting is a challenging world, and yes its a stress if seen in today's world. we have to safeguard our children from external anomalies and also give them the right direction to live life.

    Your thread is a good start in this direction. It would be preparation course for all would be parents. Share more threads on the topic.

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