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Thread: Best Free Apps for Symbian phones

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    Post Best Free Apps for Symbian phones

    1. Social networking tools

    Make ShoZu mobile app ( As a back up have www.nimbuzz. com.
    your single-window social media hub for accesing
    Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Photobucket, YouTube or Friendster fan
    BBC or CNN
    iTV or NowPublic
    Skype, MSN Messenger, GoogleTalk, ICQ, SIP, Yahoo! and AIM

    2. Google mobile app

    Gmail, Search, Maps, News, YouTube, Latitude and other Google gurgle can be accessed.

    3. Nokia Beta Labs

    Wellness Diary, a personal journal that helps you record and track health parameters such as weight, eating habits, exercise, blood pressure, etc., and Sports Tracker, a phone-centric GPS-based activity log that automatically records workout distance, routes, speeds and time in your training diary. Handwriting Calculator, Ovi Contacts and also share info via website.

    4. Web browsers

    The Opera Mini ( browser is fast and furious. It features several advanced and user-friendly features, including personalized skins, YouTube video playback, bookmark sync, page saving for offline browsing and user-defined shortcuts, etc.

    5. Internet radio and podcasts

    ( gives your phone access to hundreds of Internet radio stations over Wi-Fi as well as GPRS.

    6. Reading

    Wattpad ( is a good option for reading. For audio books, install the Nokia Audiobooks ( For free audio books, go to You can use the Nokia Audio Books Manager to convert and transfer them to your phone.

    7. WidSets

    WidSets is a collection of around 4,000 widgets (mini apps), including games, fun, news, sports, weather, utilities, games, social content, videos and much more. So, instead of diving in and out of sites looking for interesting apps, you can check out this one-stop site and fire your searches.

    8. Dr Jukka apps

    Make good use of Y-Browser, an uncomplicated phone file manager and Y-Alarms, a multi-alarm utility. 50 Widgets comprises an expansive collection of games and puzzles.

    9. Yahoo Go!

    All-in-one download gives you real-time access to email, news, search, stock quotes, Flickr photos, maps, etc. You can build your own menu according to your interests. Depending on whether you are interested in MTV or eBay auctions, Hollywood gossip or bull runs in the market, you can add or delete what you want.

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