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Thread: Education is now-a-days costly. Am I right?

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    education is costly yes you right! but, it can be equally treated
    a boy getting first rank in board exam in cbse and a boy getting first rank in board exam in state board syllabus are not treated equally but they are classmates till 6th standard what a pity? government of india should take some good and positive steps towards this education point of view thank u spread this to all so, that someextent it get cleared ! i wish

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    i agree with online tutor education is expensive but there is very good solution for it and that is online education. Internet has changed the face of the world. There is free material for every course all over the web. Anyone can get it very easily..

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    Default Burden to evervy one

    Hai guys.........

    I am totally agree with u today the education will be more costly to everyone. In the sense of money it will be increased but quality of education is missing. This means the management will tried to money and fame only.They follow the byhearting method and it was burden to student. Students feel very difficulty and stress.

    So in my opinion we couldn't see the result of the money we spent on the organizations for the better education.
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    Definitely it is costly.
    With reasons and without reasons there is a cost mentioned , for which we have to pay in the name of Fees.

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    I accept your answer, because the our education is now a days change into a one type of profitable business. most of the business people they thinking about which they investing to more profitable business like choosing education . because all the parents they think about their children good education and so they want more facilities,extra curricular activities and good academics based schools choosing . it is the one of the reason and another one is our government schools are no features presenting faculties, sports, equipment and no lab facilities available there. so, parents are choosing only private schools.

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