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    I have been wondering since quite some time if google adsense really works coz I have read reviews on the internet that state that many people have been disabled with no reason. esp. with reasons like "you are a risk to our advertisers".

    Just wanted to know if anyone around has been into the BIG venture of Google adsense and if yes, how much did you spend in optimiation and if possible to did-coose how much do you earn.

    I tried my hand in Google AdSense but earned no money not even money to buy peanuts .

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    risk to advertisers -- because many people engage in click fraud, that's why.

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    hey u just read the negative reviews by the people who try to fraud the system.

    to say simply, u have read reviews from people who generated false clicks on the ads rather than clicks coming on their own and as result they have been banned.
    and making money from Google ads is not as simple as any other thing. i needs a lot of hard-work behind. may be few months or years.

    you can find many success stories if u Google about it properly.

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