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Thread: Beware Job Hunters!!!

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    Thumbs up Digitai Bhoomi_Discipline in eading a formal letter received via mail

    Quote Originally Posted by dreamygal View Post
    A formal letter is a mode of communication , usually used by an business organisation with other business concerns or clients or other parties . Its contents depend on the party addressed .

    That was my opinion . Expecting to hear from you soon
    From your explanation;

    1. mode of communication - there must be a file reference number.
    2. an business organisation - who undersigned the letter?

    As a whole, I posted this discussion because I am ready with the answer and kindly refer back; Discipline in reading a formal letter received via mail
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    Knowing the current situation of the stock market is crucial especially if you have stocks invested in it. It is better to be up to dated to the situations so that you could know the actions to be taken if some changes in the stock market occur as to secure your stocks to lose. Today, the stock market is unstable so we need to be vigilant to the current market conditions.

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    Just be alert and do some research before going to a job interview to find out what the company is about.

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    Thank you very much for sharing useful information here..i appreciate your work..Keep up the work!

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    Good..Nice informative post.. These tips are really great.

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