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Thread: Nightingale Gym - Mandaveli - Chennai - Review

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    Thumbs up Nightingale Gym - Mandaveli - Chennai - Review

    It's an affordable gym compared to other gyms that charge 3,000 to 5,000 every month. This gym charge about 450 a month.

    There are good equipments and dumbbells. Dumbbells are mostly rusty. Equipment handles are sometimes greasy. Because of the low cost per month, you would see some not-so-clean people around. These guys dont even wipe their sweat from the bench after doing bench press. Bathroom is nasty. They have water can, but you better bring your own water bottle. few days ago, I have seen the water base was left open without the can on top. any dust or bug could have gotten inside the water base. basically, there is not much cleanliness.

    if your main concern is affordability, this is the good gym. Because of affordability, the gym is crowded most of the time. overall, this is a good gym. Just don't use the treadmill though if the power goes off suddenly (chennai people know how sudden it is), your treadmill stops abruptly. If you are running at high speed in the treadmill, you may be thrown out like a hot potato.

    again, just to iterate, I like this gym mainly because these guys are not so greedy like others. they have good business model also, they make money thru large number of people that use the gym.

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    This gym really affordable.

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