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Thread: How to earn some rewards for watching movies ?

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    Default How to earn some rewards for watching movies ?

    I love going for movies every week, and considering the movie tickets are not cheap anymore, so I had to play smart. I always had an Imint card which I was using to collect points for multiple transactions for airtickets, shopping and fuel re-fill. Was getting decent points on it, and had recently got myself a digital camera, free from rewards gallery.

    I logged on to I-mint site to see if there were any benefits for the movie tickets, and there you go, book tickets from bookmyshow and use ICICI bank credit card, and I get 2 way points, points from and ICICI bank.

    Brilliant, all my ticket from there on have come from, I don't stand in queues, I get points on Imint card, and every 3 months I am giving my boy friend some gift or the other, he is super happy. And so am I.

    Advice to you my friends, get yourself this Imint card , it really helps , if you don't have one, get it for free by sending a sms <ilink> to 560705!!! After you get your membership number , go ahead an register at

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    Good offer for movie lovers who go to theaters and spend money rather than watching it free over net or pirated version at home. You get rewarded for shopping and from bank too.
    And you feel satisfied that you have not become part of a crime by breaking some law of copyright and piracy.

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