TRIPLE B - 'Blog Blogger Blogging' concept.

For when, normally, I do it when every time I cut my fingers'/toes' nail. During this time lots of ideas roaming my mind and I jot down on my chip book for the best thing to be uploaded to my blog page.

For what factor, after I've learned from Google's videos explained by its web developer (Maile Ohye) and software engineer (Matt); googlebot will crawl, grouping, and ranking the latest local news related to our blog name, I uploaded one video about 'Indian river under threat' which I watched on AlJazeera online TV.

What I learned from Maile Ohye's explanation, the latest local news uploaded must, at least;

1. posted at the top-post section,
2. 'Post Title' must related to local news content,
3. 'Date' of published must be written/typed under Item 2, in the post section,
4. Video must only use 'YouTube', and
5. Any photo embedded must in JPG/JPEG format file.

Looking for an extra mileage to my IndiaBhoomi blog; ; I uploaded INDIA NATIONAL ANTHEM song in two (2) types of media - mp3 song music and video.

Lately, what I found after I've shared any site to Twitter, in less than 30 minutes that site already listed and published on Google search page (including DB's thread). Similarly at YouTube, connected our YouTube Video with Facebook, Twitter, and Google bookmark is a must for YouTube video owner because every time we commented on others video - it straight away register our comments activity to the affiliate sites.

When and what factor makes you update your blog content?