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Thread: The Family Man - Movie Review

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    do you ever dream of career you never got into? Do you ever fantasize the lives of investment bankers in New York and London? Do you hate what you do for a living? Do you dream of a better life, money every single damn day? If you answered yes to all these questions, you must watch this movie.

    Cutthroat investment banker Jack Campbell (Nicolas Cage), who eschews emotional ties, is transported into the prosaic life he might have had if he'd wed his college sweetheart (Tea Leoni). Instead of a Ferrari, Campbell drives a malfunctioning minivan and is saddled with two screaming kids … but learns to love every minute of it.

    Through the paranormal intervention of a taxi driver (Cheadle) who acts as his guide, or portal, or something, Jack goes to sleep as a wealthy bachelor and awakens in a parallel time-track where apparently he did fly back from London, marry Kate and father two children. He also now has a dog, which is slobbering all over him.

    The heart of the movie is his gradual realization that his other life has somehow disappeared, that he's now a family man, that he has been granted the opportunity to experience all that he missed by putting his career ahead of personal goals.

    at the end, we all need to choose between what we really want in our life. that is the moral of this movie. If you had answered yes to any of the questions in the first para, you will feel good when you watch this movie.

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    it's a fantastic movie

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    I always love to watch family movie. This movie is looking to be good one. I have just downloaded this movie. I hope it will not disappoint me. :-)

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    It's quite an impressive movie amazing story line and awesome screenplay they have highlighted lots of family matters in an amazing one.It would like give 8/10 points.

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