Lately, Google encouraged blogger blog owner to published 'Table of Blog Content'. There are various reasons for it and not just only for its goolebot taking short time to crawl, group, and rank any new updated blog content by detecting the date (manually typed) of news or any kind of writing, image/photo, and video contents.

The second main reason is not to serve your viewers with long-far-down number of posts which sometimes will decline viewers reading passionate level to enjoy reading the very nice, beautiful, and important articles published by blog owner.

The following steps are for those novice bloggers (like me);

Step 1
Use your 'notepad' file to pre-compose all of your blog posts or may be you can use 'Word' file to further extend your nice work by using 'sort A→Z' to sort the titles in alphabetical order.

Shortcut key to 'notepad' file;

1. click 'Start'
2. click 'Run...'
3. manually type - write - in the run command box
4. click 'OK'

Step 2
During working on Step 1, do not forget to copy-paste the respective 'post URL link'. how to determine its URL link?

a. hover your mouse insertion point on the post title texts
b. mouse-right-click
c. select 'copy URL link'

To ensure it's the one, while mouse hovering on the post title texts, bring or put your sight at the bottom-left part of your computer screen, immediately above the 'Start' button (taskbar). Yes, that's it.

Step 3

a. sign in to your blog site
b. click layout
c. at the sidebar section; click 'Add Gadget'
d. select 'Text'
e. copy-paste all the prepared content from Step 1 and Step 2 into the 'Text' box
f. cut (Ctrl + X) the respective blog title URL link
g. highlights the post title which belongs to 'f'
h. click the 'insert link' icon located slightly above the text compose box
i. paste (Ctrl + V) 'f' into the 'insert link' panel box
j. click 'OK'.
k. do the same steps to all of your posts title texts, completely.
l. once accomplished, click 'SAVE' button.

How to minimize the unhidden number of active display posts on the blog page?

Step 1
On blog LAYOUT page, focus your sight to 'Blog Post' section.

Step 2
Click its 'Edit' text link.

Step 3
On the 'Configure Blog Posts' pop up panel;

- manually insert the number of post under 'Main Page Options' at the provided little size box for 'Number of posts on main page:'

Up to you for 1 or 2 or 3 or whatever figure which at the end will tantamount the bottom level between the last (bottom) post and sidebar content.

- once satisfied, click 'SAVE'.


EXAMPLE 1 - using sidebar section:

EXAMPLE 2 - using post section: