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Thread: Use your iPhone to learn more and better!

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    If you have iPhone or iPod Touch, use it to download lessons and podcasts from premier institutions around the world, mostly for free. iTunes (software for iPhone/iPod Touch) has iTunes University, a free education area within the Apple iTunes online music and video store. You can use this iTunes Univ for learning useful things. There are lessons to learn programming too.


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    It is amazing the way telephones have evolved, I still use my cell only as a telephone, not use the other applications, it is too confused to me.

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    I had an Ipod, but was never knowing many features of it and i had to study too much about this as it's really difficult to go through all in detail on this

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    Hey techie,
    Myself davis. I have iphone but dont know in past how to run
    the phone properly but now i learn from your nice link of iphone
    that is very helpful fro me and i am thankful to you.


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    When iPhone was first introduced, it hit the headlines across the entire globe. Its appealing outlook along with its amazing features simply ignites the burning desire of every consumer out there. Having sold over 10 million units, it is predicted that iPhone will achieve 45 million units by the end of 2009. Many companies are seeing this as a great business investment and the direction where these companies are investing their money on is none other then the recent buzz, the iPhone applications. In other words, more businesses are realizing the benefits of mobile applications and web-based access.

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