From now better prepare and publish whatever related to your blog writing content in the form of video as Video Blogging (Vlog). From my profound learning three (3) months ago (since July, 2009) about Vlog, do not publish directly about your blog products to viewers because viewers in high percentage will decline their viewing if found your video is a type of products on sales (a total business marketing and advertising) but produce some interesting and catchy events for their pleasant viewing e.g. true life funny stuff. Its content is 9/10 by ratio and the remaining 1/10 at the last part be your strategic business advertisement.

I've tested my videos (23 nos.) at four (4) video sites; YouTube, metacafe, dailymotion, and megavideo. Thats made up my conclusion at the above paragraph.

By comparison I've uploaded the same video at those four (4) sites, metacafe site gave superb viewing results. May be because at metacafe there is an option for video owner to select which country for video owner to direct publish the uploaded video.

That is why (I think), YouTube establish this new concept for 'YouTube Promoted Videos'

YouTube Promoted Videos to appear on AdSense sites

As the number of YouTube content producers continues to grow, many are looking for new ways to reach new audiences. That's why we're happy to announce the launch of YouTube Promoted Videos in AdSense ad units.

Promoted Videos are YouTube videos -- from movie trailers to product demos to really almost any kind of video on YouTube -- promoted by their creators so they can reach a wider audience. (You may have already noticed Promoted Videos on, as they appear on partner watch pages and alongside YouTube search results.)

Extending Promoted Videos to AdSense sites will enable these content producers to broaden their reach, while providing you with another way to earn from your ad space. At this time, these ads are only available in English to US publishers, but we're looking forward to expanding to additional regions and languages in the future.

What is a 'Promoted Videos feature'

Promoted Videos feature;

1. a thumbnail image with three lines of text, and

2. when clicked, will bring the user to watch a video or view a channel on YouTube.

They're contextually targeted to your pages, and you'll earn from these ads on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis.

In addition, they can appear in the following ad formats, as long as you've opted these formats in to displaying both text and image ads:

1. 300x250 Medium Rectangle,

2. 336x280 Large Rectangle,

3. 728x90 Leaderboard,

4. 250x250 Square, and

5. 200x200 Small Square.

Just like other ads, Promoted Videos compete in our standard ad auction, so they'll help drive up competition among advertisers bidding to appear on your pages.

When a Promoted Video wins the ad auction, it'll be shown alone in one of the eligible ad formats.

All Promoted Videos are required to comply with the YouTube Advertising Policies, and the advertised videos with our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.

You can prevent Promoted Videos from appearing on your pages by adding '' to your Competitive Ad Filter list. Please note that currently, this method will block all Promoted Videos from your sites.

Finally, we'd like to mention that these new Promoted Videos are separate from our video ads offering, which stream ads in video format and are classified as image ads.

We're continuing to look for additional revenue opportunities for publishers, and we hope these new ads will help you earn more.

Posted by Arlene Lee - Inside AdSense Team
Friday, October 02, 2009 at 9:46:00 AM

This is my little proof by comparison;

Uploaded on the same date: September 25, 2009 on YouTube and meta cafe

YouTube: 16 viewers

meatcafe: 1,018 viewers ( click here )

Uploaded: 04/10/09
dailymotion: 6 viewers ( click here )

Added: October 05 , 2009 , 5 minutes ago
megavideo: 0 viewers ( click here )