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Thread: How to remove Virus from Windows xp?

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    Question How to remove Virus from Windows xp?

    I've got an virus in mine hard dsik and virus name is win32.swf ---So i 've already used antivirus software Pc security advsior can you recomend me any other good antivirus program to remove this virus??

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    Just install the register copy of the antivirus and if you have internet connection then update this software. If you have some important documents in PC, otherwise format the Whole PC and then Use it.

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    I would suggest you to try to update MSE, then restart your PC repeatedly and choose Safemode. Right click on MSE icon and run as admin. Then run full system scan, if still the virus is not removed then contact support MSE. I hope this helps. Thanks.

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    use kaspersky internet security edition to full scan

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    A virus can exist for multiple reasons: to either be an annoyance to the user, or to inflict damage to the user or computer by stealing password links, downloading malware, connecting at random to unprotected networks, or deleting properties of anti-virus software, thereby rendering it ineffective, allowing for the entry of even more viruses.

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