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Thread: How do you sell stocks on the stock market?

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    Default How do you sell stocks on the stock market?

    If you want to sell a stock on the market do you have to set an ask price and have someones bid price match your ask price in order for it to sell or is there a way for you to sell the stock at anytime incase you want to get rid of the stocks quickly without doing the bid ask process?

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    Post ROI and BEP Analysis

    I set up my projection for my wish on these two (2) imperative financial factors;

    1. ROI value,
    2. BEP Analysis.

    Once I got the right figure from its projection for my selling price, my stock remisier will sell it. That is my Standing Instruction per stock transaction and for which new stock to buy also I use the same procedure and it's my own system.

    I've posted many articles on here about it and you can click 'search' on top-right and type or copy paste that words into DB forum internal search. Complete with formulas. If you still cannot find it, I embedded two (2) sixes of Google Document Presentation on my blog page;

    This is FREE SPAM blog URL sharing because on that page I meant it for special learning for those who want to learn what is a basic theory in financial and business sector for viewers.

    Why I did that?

    Simple answer, I got many emails asking for that thing and an easy way for me to explain to them about what are those key financial indicator including participate in stock market business for their own decision making for when to buy and sell. Your own definite decision making by using projection financial calculation.

    Means that your mind and fingers really can prolifically make a wise decision for you to earn money, profitably.


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    If there are buyers for any particular stock you can always sell it easily and most of the times penny stocks wil not find any buyers while going down and there lies the problem

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    This is one way that you set your ask price and wait for it to match with bid price. As soon as it matches stock gets sold . If more number of buyers are interested in that stock then you won't have to wait for long time. In case of penny stocks or under-performing stocks finding a buyer takes time.

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