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    I wish I could actually start a morcha against them and teach them how to behave and act. These guys behave in the most ruthless manner and are totally SHAMELESS people.

    They ask Rs40 extra if you want to travel a distance within 2-3 Kms. My office was 4.5 kms from my place and there was no direct bus. So if I think of taking an auto which would cost me like : Rs 32, these guys would charge Rs 55-70.

    So, I started walking for 4 kms everyday as the buses used to be overcrowded and then I used to take the bus for final 0.5 Kms as it was a highway and a fully polluted area to walk.

    They spoil the beginning of the day by starting to curse you in kannada if you don't give them extra money. If the meter reads 35 bucks and you give them a 50 note thinking that you will get 15 bucks back and by chance you have stepped out of the rickshaw then forget it, these guys don't bother to return the money they just drive away.

    The don't even bother if the person asking for a ride is a pregnant lady or an old person who can barely walk or a sick person.

    Compare this with the Bombay rickshaw wala's they are so professional and helping compared to these guys.

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    most of the auto rickshaw guys are bad. very few of them have ethics, if there is any.
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