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Thread: A movie which brings in fresh image of college days and life ahead.

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    Default A movie which brings in fresh image of college days and life ahead.

    3 Idiots , the hindi movie , Vidhu vinod chopra's movie is a must watch. Aamir khan, Madhavan and Sharman Joshi share a wonderful chemistry and timing. Kareena Kapoor has done a good job , but as a medical student , she is more glamorous for the role, it is Vidya balan's kind of role.

    The movie portrays the higher education system of our country where everyone is only worried about grades and marks and lacks the love for the subject or never dares to think out of the blue with new ideas. This movie gives an answer to the question , why India lacks good scientists? The movie also inspires the audience to pursue their career out of their choice and not due to chance. Love for the career and satisfaction is the centre of the subject.

    Boman Irani has done wonderful job as the crooked director of the institute. Equally charming is the role played by Omi, Chatur. The character is very similar to the one we can see in every college who always want to excel and shine infront of the teachers. Every scene has a humour string attached to it. The cinematography is excellent.
    Aamir is looking fresh in most of the scenes and a perfect idiot in other scenes.

    One can feel the freshness and youthness in the movie and when the movie ends in 2hrs 45 min, felt that the aura need to stay long.

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    ya 3 idiots is a good movie i can emagine the collage life now only after seeing that movie....

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