On typing these steps, I am on and off switching between Digital Bhoomi's thread compose box and my own Google Analytics (GA) account page.

Step 1 - Sign in your GA account

Step 2 - Click 'View Report' to your selected blog

Step 3 - Look for 'Map Overlay' panel

Step 4 - Click 'View Report' located at the bottom part of 'Map Overlay' panel

Step 5 - Under the world map which shown your visitors' country origination, at the bottom-right part, there is 'View' text with five (5) icons link for; Table, Percentage, Performance, Comparison, Pivot.

Step 6 - Click the 'Pivot' icon link

You can see their (visitors) point of entry viewing your blog site.

This kind of data is very important for you to analyze which point of entry attractively pulling the crowds or may be some extra works needed for the 'weak' point of entry in term of marketing and advertising.