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Thread: How to publicize 'Google Feedburner Chicklet' on Blogger blog

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    Post How to publicize 'Google Feedburner Chicklet' on Blogger blog

    28 October 2009_Wednesday_2.20PM_GMT+8

    Explanation by texts, easy for novice bloggers to copy and paste for self-keeping or share with others in term of helping;

    Step 1 - surf

    Step 2 - Sign in

    In 'My Feeds' page

    Step 3 - Enter your blog's URL at 'Burn a feed right this instant. Type your blog or feed address here'

    Step 4 - Check or tick the box for 'I am a podcaster!'

    Step 5 - Click the [Next] button

    Step 6 - Check or tick the option for either one: atom or rss

    Step 7 - Make sure the [Feed Title] and [Feed Address], given or registered

    Step 8 - Click the [Next] button

    Step 9 - At the bottom on the 'Congrats' page, scroll down to the bottom

    Step 10 - Click the 'Skip directly to feed management' link

    Step 11 - Click [Publicize] tab

    Under 'Make it Easy to Subscribe' title, there is [friendly graphic] text link

    Step 12 - Click the [friendly graphic] text link

    Step 13 - Select the standard feed icon and scroll down to the bottom

    Step 14 - Select [Blogger] for 'Use as a widget in'

    Step 15 - Click [Go!] button

    You'll be brought to your Blogger page, and 'Sign In'

    Step 16 - Make sure the 'Select a blog' is selected for your blog page

    Step 17 - Click the [ADD WIDGET] button

    Step 18 - In the blog 'Layout' page, click the [SAVE] button




    Verifying a Blogger blog in Webmaster Tools

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