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Thread: How to learn PHP?

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    There are so many ways to learn PHP. Basically it is server side scripting language and could be run on any platform. It based on HTML so if you have good knowledge of HTML than you could easily learn Core PHP. And Java also could be very crucial language if you are willing to learn PHP.

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    W3school is the best option

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    self learning is the best way to learn php. go to w3schools and collect free e-book for learning php

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    PHP applications have revolutionized the true meaning of Web development of e-commerce. With e-commerce and online shopping portals, you need a fully functional, friendly interface, search engine friendly and visually appealing Web sites and applications, PHP web development services to introduce the best way to meet all these necessary prerequisites. PHP can be embedded into HTML and dynamic visual applications, such as Ajax, Flash can be easily integrated with the programming language. PHP has support for multiple databases, Informix, Oracle, MySQL, and so on, and develop a website in PHP and requires a minimum of code uses the language has an inherent memory construction options. Therefore, developers do not need to collect the external code, while building a PHP-based application.

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    Yes, you can learn php from w3c schools it is one of the best site and you can apply for the certificates also.

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    Default Learning Php

    To lean PHP , its better you join some good institute . Learning yourself can be time consuming and more effort oriented

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