Watched the movie yesterday. I am sure this movie will disappoint the so called Mammootty fans, as this is a movie that does not utilize his star image instead utilizes him as a great actor. The way in which he portrays the antagonist is seen to be believed.

We should support such movies instead of backing useless masala films made in the label of entertainment. Shweta menon is excellent. Almost all supporting actors are fresh faces which is a welcome change as they are not bound to any type-casting issues. This makes the story and characters totally unpredictable but credible.

Mammotty's different roles are utilized effectively and it might be for the first time an actor does multiple roles that the story actually demands. In most of the cases, such multiple roles are just meant for publicity.

Kudos to Renjith and crew. Do come up with such engaging and fascinating tales quite often. We admire your creativity. We do not expect Ravanaprabhu/Prajapathy like trash movies from you. We expect more Nandanam, thirakkatha and paleri manikyams from you.