Guys as you all know that These days mobile Internet is getting popularity...Hope all marketers looking for getting best from it.
Mobile SEO is must needed for any Mobile website. Best way to keep track your traffic with Mobile Analytics or Custom Google Analytics.

Few points i feel where traditional SEO is different then Mobile SEO.

1) Desktop website are different then Mobile Sites.
2) you need to have different version of sites for mobiles.
3) SEO doesn't mean to just promote your site but importantly provide useful and relevant information to user.
4) Mobile sites have different site-map protocols and mobile index.
5) you need to localize SEO for Mobile Sites firstly as search engine give more priority to localization in case of mobile than normal searches.
6) we know that most mobile searches are direct searches. so make Content according to that and also promote according to that.

Its necessary to ensure that your mobile content adds value beyond your desktop site, but in general for the past several years mobile optimization has been nearly synonymous with mobile content creation. If you create a well-optimized mobile site, an accessible desktop site and mobile app(s), you will be more visible in search results than a company that only makes an accessible desktop site...

Even Mobile Analytics are different from Google analytics specially the way the they track traffic and users for mobile sites...