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Thread: Stock market volatility: What should you do?

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    Default Stock market volatility: What should you do?

    The stock market is behaving erratically. It creates fears in the minds of people. Why? When we are not worried about terrorist attacks and go on leading our normal lives, why do we panic to invest in stock markets? Here I am going to explain what should you do to counter stock market volatility.

    1. Be an investor not a speculator. An investor is a person who invests on the basis of sound fundamentals. Speculator invests on the basis of hearsay tips and looks to make quick money.
    2. Invest in solid, profitable well-managed companies. These companies will turn around faster after bad times than penny stocks.
    3. Shut out the unwanted noise. By this I mean information irrelevant to your company. E.g. rupee appreciation affected the botomlines of many IT companies. Despite that most of them managed to report good profits
    4. Avoid buying on tips. Do a thorough research on the company.
    5. Remember everything works in cycles. Whatever goes up has to come down and vice versa.

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    infact, i was watching CNBC and they said in such scenes go for shopping and take a day off. do not invest or withdraw, no selling no buying.

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    Meaning that I have to invest in long term type of investments and not for short selling. OK ~ that's great and it is what I've been doing in the last few years and found very rewarding. Thanks anyway for your excellent candor sharing.

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    Stock market's volatile nature is one reason because of which investors fear to make investment here. To cope up market fluctuations in a better way having a good market knowledge is must.Also traders should not panic if market is showing unfavorable movements.

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    Stock market is a place where you can win or lose your money easily.If you are a good trader and know how to manage investment then you can earn a positive outcome but if you don't know much about share market, trends, rules and other important factor then you should first learn these things after that you can gain considerable profit easily by following trends and updates of share market.

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