Yesterday I got a chance to see this movie. God, I couldn’t control my laugh for a long time. Though the concept is unbelievable, the expressions of those cute little boys were amazing.

A group of little boys (should I mention them as guys?), are members of the “He-man woman haters club” (you should get to read the spelling they used). But when one of their members Alfalfa falls in love with a gal named Darla, the rest of the super duper team do a master plan to separate them, and gets succeed also. Alfalfa keeps trying to convince her (oh how she acted like a lady), but every time fails with the interruption of his club members or by Darla’s new boy friend Waldo.

Each and every scene is scripted to make the viewers to laugh, both by dialogues and actions. It is really unbelievable and amazing to see cute little boys acted with so much great expressions and dialogues. The scene to put off the fire in the club, Alfalfa’s song “You are so Beautiful” and the fishing scene all sure to bring a big laugh or at least a smile in your face, even if you are so serious fellow.

My husband and I rolled and laughed for the below dialogue:

Loan Lender: If you were my kids I will punish you

Kid: If we were your kids, we will punish ourselves

Want to have a good laugh, watch this movie today.

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Note: The author of the original review is myself