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    Smile How to Start a Conversation

    A lot of people have problem with English. Some people have problem with written and some people have hesitation in speaking in English. And the demand of Spoken English is increasing day by day. If you want a good job then you must possess good spoken English Skills or else your academic qualification will not count anything.

    To make full advantage of your academic qualification you must be perfect in English. For Indians English is their second language so it can take time to be perfect. But here are some tips to learn English ------

    1. Mistakes are possible in starting. So dont be afraid of mistakes.

    2. Learning any language can be quite frustating. So be patient with yourself and take time to learn.

    3. Grasp every opportunity to learn English.

    4. Read books, articles, newspaper on your favourite topic.

    5. Watch English Programme on TV and observe.

    6. Dont miss any opportunity to talk with friends in English.

    7. Join internet based voice chat programmes. It can also help you to improve your accent.

    8. Speak clearly and loudly, so that others can understand you.

    9. Speank in front of mirror to remove hesitation of speaking in English.

    10. Think in English. A lot of people try to translate hindi lines to English.

    11. Once your English is good enough, go to shoppimg malls, restraurants etc.
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    Excellent work. really really useful. thank you. keep coming more like this.

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    Some people are afraid to start conversation because they are no so good in English but they have to speak and if they make any mistake then only the can learn right things. I think Shikha gives wonderful information about it.

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    Just Say Hi!.

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