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Thread: An extension to "Does God really exist"...

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    Lightbulb An extension to "Does God really exist"...

    Many of you may have read the thread "Does God really Exist" by Niha rika.
    (Please read the original thread and the entire discussion before reading this extended thread).

    When I shared this discussion with my nephew, Anand, he congratulated me for being a winner of this thread and also shared his thoughts with me in his mail.

    I would like to paste the entire mail sent by him here and share his views with you all. Here it goes:

    Congrats, J

    I read the link, and had a few comments - sorry if this sounds harsh, but I thought you should have my honest feedback:

    "The fact that you believe in a Divine power is proof enough that you believe in God's existence."

    Anand: This statement is just words - says nothing.

    Another thing is I don't know if people who don't believe in God are believers of destiny....

    Anand: Destiny is just another word - things happen. If we apply an arbitrary causal framework to things, we can come up with any kind of destiny fantasy we wish.

    Man searches for proof for everything on earth. Though you cannot see air, you believe that there is an element called air. You may say that you can "feel" it and hence believe in it.

    Anand: Seeing and feeling is two perfectly equivalent senses.

    Similarly, it is up to an individual's experience to "feel" the presence of a Divine power which we have named as GOD.

    Anand: This sentence is also just words. A person high on hallucinogens can feel that he is flying in the sky, with the absolute same conviction (even more) than a person who "feels" the presence of a Divine power.

    Avatars on earth like Rama, Krishna, Meera, Shirdi Sai Baba are all manifestations of this Holy power. The Saintly qualities of such personalities have made the believers to place them on such high pedestals.

    Anand: Sure, there have been people who have done things that some people found saintly. But the fundamental problem of faith is that the person I consider a saint may seem like a devil to you and vice versa. That is when rift begins, in the name of who's values to adopt. That is where religion comes in, and causes all the evil that it does.

    In our own times, have we not seen people glorifying Gandhiji as the Mahatma?

    Anand: Of course, and there were people who thought him evil enough to shoot him down.

    There is no harm in believing in God's existence.

    Anand: Oh yeah? Most of the unnecessary blood that has ever been shed in history would not have been shed if people didnt believe in God. The rest of the blood that is shed is mostly for gaining stuff for oneself, one's family, one's country, etc. and is not, inherently different from killing a plant or an animal for food...

    When you have faith in something, you are led by positive thoughts and this will give you energy to work for your success.

    Anand: Like the 9/11 hijackers, led by faith, who drove the plane into the World Trade Center on September 11th? Faith can lead to strong convictions, positive or negative is very subjective.

    Not only that, you also need the courage and stamina to face your failures, sorrows, and fears. Even this power to face is aquired from believing in the unknown Supreme power....

    Anand: Again, just words - if there is any person, who has lived for years without believing in a divine power, (and there are many), then they have managed to face "failures", "sorrows", etc. for all those years - examples: Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchins, Nietszche, Ayn Rand, the list is long... However, if you do not believe that there is someone else, you will act much harder to deal with the issues in life... of course, a man can be happy by assuming that there is a bigger power, but then there is no difference from deluding yourself in any other way - there are drugs which can make you feel almost anything you want, which are equivalent.

    Anand: Also, it is the power of numbers given by many well meaning people believing in God's existence, that a few other people use as a reason to spread violence in that spirit. The only way to stop this unnecessary waste of life, resources, etc. is to stop this mass self delusion and trying to grow up and deal with our problems by acting on them, rather than deluding ourselves that a Divine power makes things right.

    Anand: Finally, be careful about letting words confuse you - often some uses of words in a certain way, are meant for fiction and art, to bring dramatic effect, not to be confused with words used for a cold scientific analysis of things. Most miscommunication in the world happens because people confuse the two.

    I was unable to send a reply to Anand's mail...I think I have to agree to most of what he says as I am unable to refute them...

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    Convey my regards to Anand with Cheers! as religion asked the believers to 'bear witness' in whatever means of taking belief and believe. Religion never asked their followers to swallow to their throats for whatever thing called food. My true twenty-seconds of death during angiogram and angioplastiy surgery treatment taught me all about this thing. Thank you, Anand.
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    J, this is , I think, the fourth thread focussing on ''does god exist?'' or ''do you believe in god'', ''power of prayer'', .....related queries.
    What I understand after reading so many intelligent replies , that its purely individual character- to believe or not. Those who does not believe in god, actually believe in good coincidences. Those who work hard , believe that he is destined to get what he wants. Still this issue is ever debatable. Personally , I believe in time, the power, and lately so many disasters happening all around the worls, I am more into believing in the divine power, thats the time and energy.

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    Dear Chellama, I was not there during the first discussion. So kept myself off from this second one too. But I'm not able to resist myself from saying, what my opinion is.

    Believing GOD is a moral support. Have you watched the movie "Cast Away", where the hero Tom Hanks uses a ball as his friend? A moral support for his lonely life.

    According to me, GOD is a silent friend who always listens to my words, my sorrows, my angers, etc... I know GOD would be my walking stick when I turn lame. He will be there for me at all times. No excuses. And my belief in GOD makes me to remain good, because the GOD whom I believe never asked for others blood.

    For those who asks me whether I have seen GOD in person or how do I believe he does exist, may be I don't have a direct answer.

    I have tasted sugar and so I know its taste. But if some one who never tasted or even never seen sugar, asks me how a sugar tastes, I can give some explanations like "It is so sweet", but then again "what is sweet?". I may say "It will give you great feelings in the taste buds of your tounge", but cannot explain more. You will know the real taste only when you put the sugar in your mouth and experiences it on your own. Ofcourse, one can live without tasting sugar and even some can hate it completely.

    But then cannot say that all those who had tasted it, experienced it and enjoyed it are lying since because you didn't experienced it.

    Will put more thoughts later

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    Default God exists in us

    I am of strong belief that god exists, he is with us, in our hearts and in our prayers.

    We believe in god. We have grown with offering prayers and chanting slokas. We have grown with our families and a temple in our house.
    On all occasions we have first given our prayers to god and then went ahead. Be it a festival, or a marriage or a special occasion. We have never forgotten to give our thanks to god and pray for the wellness of our families.
    God is our sole belief, it’s our strength. We know god is there when we need him. In bad times god only gives us strength to go on and on. Showing us the way that the bad patch is soon going to end.
    We who believe in god have always felt him near us. At times of dire need someone drops in and helps us. Sometimes it’s a stranger or sometimes it’s a known person but some way or the other our god always takes care of us. Such times are called miracles which we all face in our life. Only thing is that those who believe it strongly can feel it happen and others feel just a coincidence.
    To go on in our life we need a strong tough support, which we find in god. I have seen people come out of major hurdles in life with that one strong belief.
    Its needed for us ,when there’s a moment in life we see no way ahead……………....................we leave it to god, that surely god will show us some way to come out of it and we sleep. When we get up we see the path, the solution. This strong belief in god makes our life easier and worth living.
    We keep our good qualities too, as we know good begets good.
    This helps us to lead a good life with happiness,health wealth and prayers in our hearts.

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