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Thread: Hangover - Review

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    Default Hangover - Review

    A group consisting of four friends Doug (the groom), Phil (School Teacher), Stu (dentist) and Alan (the future brother-in-law of Doug) heads towards LasVegas to have bachelors party just 2 days before the marriage of Doug with Tracy. Tracy's father gives his car to Doug to take his friend to LasVegas. The group stays in a costly hotel in a fantastic suite. In the night, 4 friends climb to the top of the hotel (the terrace) to toast a wish to Doug.

    The next day morning, when the guys wake up, they were shocked to see their room which is totally upside down, with hens ramp walking in the hall, a tiger in the bathroom and a baby in the cupboard. To their further shock, the groom Doug is missing. Also, the dentist Stu has lost one of his tooth. None of them were able to remember what happened to them last night.

    In Phil's hand they find a band which belongs to a hospital (In US, when people get admitted in hospital, they used to tie a band made of rubber with details of the patient). So the guys decide to dig the mystery by collecting the clues one by one. So, taking the hospital detail as the first clue, the group goes to the hospital seeking for help. To their astonishment, when they ask the hotel security to bring their car, he brings a police car, saying that is the one they bought and parked last night. Also, they find Doug's bed hanging in a pillar outside the hotel.

    The doctor in the hospital tells them that their blood had the trace of a drug named roofies, which lead to the loss of memory to them. He also tells them that they all came from a wedding ceremony. The group next moves to the chapel and finds that Stu married a stripper named Jade, last night. Stu screams in fear of his girlfriend Melissa (who just controls him like a remote operated toy). From there, they guys find their way to Jade's home where they find that the baby found in their hotel cupboard belongs to Jade. Jade welcomes all of them and says "Oh baby, you were with you dad... I'm happy".

    While talking to Jade, police surrounds the guys and take them to custody for stealing the police car. The friends explain them about what happened to them last night and manages to escape with a little punishment of being volunteers in the police demo to kids, how to handle teasers. The police also tells them the where about of their car. While driving their car, they hear a sound from the trunk of the car. Thinking it could be Doug, they eagerly open the trunk and found a naked Chinese guy, who beats them with a rod and escapes from their hands. Alan reveals the truth that he added roofies in their drink, without knowing about it, as the drug dealer told "Nothing serious" about it.

    Later the guys reach their hotel suite, to find Mike Tyson (the real one) waiting there for them. He orders them to bring his pet tiger which was stolen by them, back to his home. They give the tiger, the drug roofies and take in the car. But the tiger gets its consious back in the mid way and attacks the guys. So they were left with no choice, but to push the car till they reach Mike Tyson's home. There Mike show's them the video how they stole the tiger, which was recorded in the survilleance TV. By watching the video, the guys were happy as Doug was found along with them in that.

    Night starts falling, as the guys were still in search of Doug, whose marriage is scheduled on next day's evening. On their way back to hotel from Mike's home, the Chinese guy who escaped from their car trunk comes with a group of his men, saying he has Doug. To get him back, he asks the guys to give back his $80,000 money stolen from him in the Casino. Though the guys promise saying they didn't stole anything and not aware of what happened to them last night, he insists them to bring money and take back Doug, before dawn.

    With no other chance, the guys visit the Casino along with Stu's wife Jade to make money. Alan wins enough money with his mathematical calculation ability to find the card details. They rush to the chinese guy and gives money during dawn. But to their bad luck, the person returned by the Chinese as Doug was some other Doug (the drug dealer who sold them roofies). All of a sudden Stu remembers one thing that windows of hotels are not open in Las Vegas. So the bed hanging outside should have been threw from the terrace of the hotel.

    So the guys rush back to hotel terrace and finds Doug with severe sunburn and sitting like a prank. Since only few hours were left, they rush in their damaged car back to their city and reaches there on time. Phil joins with his family in the marriage, where as Stu proudly breaks the relationship of his controlling girlfriend. Doug promises his wife Tracy that he will never let such things happen in his future, though he does not revealed the whole story to her.

    At the end of the function, the four friends sit for a chat, where Alan bring Stu's camera, saying he found it in the car. Doug was about to delete the photos entirely, but then says "View only once before deleting" and the movie ends here, with the photos and titles running beside.

    So who all can enjoy?

    1. Those who can understand the spoken US English can enjoy it very well, as each dialouge may deliver a joke in it. If you don't understand, then it would be just a mere story as told by me above.

    2. Those who have no problem with double meaning jokes and $%^&# type of language usage.

    Who cannot enjoy?

    1. Those who cannot tolerate $%^&# type of language usage. Every single character of the movie (no exception as kids or adults or ladies or police or doctor) use this language / words through out the movie. You can find it in every dialogue or atleast I would say every alternate dialogue. I was once in that category of Non-tolerance. But now, I have less choice, sitting in a foreign nation to avoid such movies.

    2. Those who cannot tolerate even the few glimpse of naked people (both men & women).

    What is my say?

    Nothing special, as I belong to the category "Who cannot Enjoy", but then I won't hide the truth that I laughed a lot for few scenes.

    Special Note to Mike

    I told you that I'll take care of subtitles and topics in my next review. But I'm not able to succeed further Mike. Sorry

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    one of the funniest movies I've seen in years. "They gave the rings with the Holocaust?" Oh man, I almost died laughin

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    Ofcourse awesome movie.. no matter how many times u see u will love to watch it..

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    i must say you cant watch this movie with your family esp if you have young kids.

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    The hangover is certainly destined to be the surprise hit comedy of 2009, and most likely a cult film in the years to come. It is more worthy of this recognition that many recent successes, and although we live in an age saturated suites unnecessary

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    Default of the funniest movie. Zach Galifianakis is awesome. All scenes and dialogue are really fresh and funny. Can't wait to see second part.

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    Now we have it's 2nd part.. amazingly awesome. i have enjoyed a lot while watching this movie..

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    Even for a sequel, it was unashamedly derivative.

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    It is the on of the best funny movie in the hollywood. All character of this film are funniest. I like the both part of the hangover. I have enjoyed a lot while watching second part of the hangover movie.

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