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Thread: Uma Jha is a 14 year-old NRI as Australia's Brainiest Student

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    Post Uma Jha is a 14 year-old NRI as Australia's Brainiest Student

    Today I read 'Perth Now News' article which related to India international success stories. To share this good story with PLAGIARISM FREE status and nobody can argue on my plagiarism practice, I need to do three things; A MUST DO

    1. Write up an extension with my own words (done above and below),
    2. Write up and link the news source link, and
    3. All of the copied and pasted materials in the quote section.

    (That's All)

    This is a happy story about India as Uma Jha's parents are India's Indians because Uma Jha has had toppled 4,000 national competitors. All news publishers sharing the same news contents, so it's better for me to copy and paste the entire story about her.

    News Source Link; click here

    A 14-year-old Perth girl's knowledge of neuroscience has led to her crowning as Australia's "brainiest'' student.

    Uma Jha, from Perth's Shenton College, in Shenton Park, outsmarted more than 4000 national competitors to win the 2010 Australian Brain Bee Challenge. The neuroscience competition tests high school students on a range of topics, including intelligence, memory, emotions, sleep, Alzheimer's disease and stroke.

    In front of a live audience in Sydney on Monday, Uma competed against other state winners in the national final of the competition, which included a brain-teasing anatomy exam, doctor-patient diagnosis and a neuroscience quiz.

    "The competition was tied right up until the end and it was a really nerve-wracking finish,'' Uma said after the event.

    "I've never won a national science competition before, so it's amazing.''

    As the Australian Brain Bee Champion, she will travel to California for the International Brain Bee Challenge in August.

    Competition national organiser and Queensland Brain Institute professor Linda Richards said it would be a fantastic opportunity for Uma.

    "She has shown that she has a special talent and passion for neuroscience and we're very proud of her to be representing Australia at the international level,'' Prof Richards said.

    The Australian runner-up was Andrew Li, from James Ruse Agricultural High School in New South Wales.
    From the shared story I remember other past stories to proof that Indians are far too excellent in this world, the list;

    1. Gururaj Deshpande (Founder of Sycamore Networks)

    2. Pradeep Sidhu (Founder and CTO Juniper Networks)

    3. Rao Ramella (46th employee of Microsoft and coder for first version of Windows O/S)

    4. Vinod Dham (Father of pentium)

    5. Vinod Khosla (Co-founder Sun Microssystems)

    ..... actually many more to be listed. This type of Indians great achievement needed to be published in Digital Bhoomi forum so that it's also listed in SERP (Google).
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