I hope I have uploaded this news under right forum index for; Bits and Bytes - Technology News ; as my entire sharing actually announcing about Google Adsense's Webinar now open to we all to make entry in their moderators discussion.

Herewith (below), I copied and pasted from my email inbox in a couple of minutes ago;

Source Link: [Inside AdSense] More webinars coming your way

We've just published a new webinar schedule for the next month. In our live webinars, we'll highlight changes you can make to your ad implementation in order to maximize your AdSense revenue. We're also trying something new with our upcoming webinars: we've set up open Google Moderator discussions, where you can raise questions related to the specific webinar topic or vote on questions from other participants. We'll then answer your questions live in the webinar.

To sign up for our webinars, please visit our Help Center. Even if you're not able to attend the live sessions, we'll make sure to upload each webinar recording within 24 hours of the event.

Posted by Siobhán McCormack - AdSense Optimisation Team