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Thread: Parenting - Not that easy

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    Unhappy Parenting - Not that easy

    Parenting is like walking on a rope tied between two mountains. One should be very careful or else, may end with something unexpected.

    My son started asking me questions, which sometimes leave me dump. He is just 2.8 years old and not started speaking very clearly. But still, he gives me all challenges of parenting and turned into my Guru, teaching me the real meaning of parenting life.

    Few days before he asked me, "Amma, why dogs and cats speak in TV (he watches Scooby and Garfield), but barks and bites when seen outside". I told him, cartoons are just for fun and should not be believed blindly.

    But I'm dame sure that my explanation was too poor for a kid of just 2.8 years to understand and of course he was not convienced completely. He was not able to put in words "why TV is not showing real things then", but I understood that he wanted to ask this question by his expressions.

    My son loves to sit in water (bath tub) for hours together. Even in this winter, he sits in bath tub atleast for 30 mins before giving bath. Every morning, as soon as his father leaves to office, he starts pulling me towards bathroom to make him sit in the bath tub. Today I refused showing him the snow outside and said "You know it is snowing now and so the water is too cold".

    He said nothing and I got involved in my cooking. After sometime, he sat on his potty and took all effort to poop a little. He knows that I'll surely wash him everytime when he poop. Without remembering the words I told him sometime before, I took him to bath tub and started washing. He screamed in Malayalam "Amma lier. Water is not cold". I turned dump again.

    Yesterday all of a sudden he came running to me, showed his private part and asked what it is. Though shocked, I managed and said "It is for doing suuushuuu". He just noded his head and left, giving me a sighhh with peace.

    But now I'm literally scared, with no clue when and from where he will shoot questions at me. I need to keep myself prepared always to tackle him properly. I don't want to look like a lier or useless dump again.

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    Post Good or bad let us together gather with our kids

    I don't know whether I am a good dust feather to my kids because I never heard their verbal declaration for good or bad. What I am able to do is be friend to all of them in both life situations; dark or light. My dedication policy to my kids goes this way; bad thing let me be the first to know and good thing let me be the last to know.

    Life will be never complex when bilateral communications between the involved parties reached equilibrium state. I always used nature-nurture-learning method to my kids and that is why we have special program for fishing. They openly tell and share their problems and me too, have ample time to express my difficulties for them to listen and give ideas for solution finding.

    My kids are my friends
    My kids are my enemies
    My kids are my superiors
    My kids are my subordinates
    My kids are my followers
    My kids are my leaders

    Make things be them are all for me. The main thing, as a father I am not a rubber tapper for them when they grow older. They are not my latex for me to sell. They are like kites for me, where I am very happy if they can beautifully fly breaking the wind and cherish the sky. At the same time, they knew and fully understood that I am a kite builder, if I know how to build up one kite and I also know how to destroy one kite. Meaning that, we all get the true lesson and learn from the little words for 'life felicity'.
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    Thumbs up Child is the father of man...

    "Child is the father of man"....We do learn many things from kids as parents. Every experience while nurturing our kid is a lesson to us and we need to mend our mistakes.

    As far as possible, never say anything that is untrue to your kids. For they are certain to come up with more questions when you lie to them. Say it in a way they would understand. (and today's kids are of high IQs as we see).

    Never feel sad or depressed because you need to undergo some things which are unavoidable. Instead do everything with greater love and concern. Always keep remembering that these wonderful moments with my kid are never going to return when he grows up into an adult.

    Be happy that you have got all the time in the world as you are now a "house mom" and not working. Working moms have to miss all the sweet talk and pranks of the toddler, but you can enjoy and share it with your husband when he returns from office.

    These are the positive things I am able to tell you with my little knowledge, Meetu...

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    Thank you Mike and Chellamaaa...

    Hahahaha... of course I do enjoy this stage and love having fun with him... To be frank, there are many such times that I rolled and laughed in home, without any one, with my son by my side blinking why I'm laughing... but it was because of him, I laughed so... His innocent witty actions make me laugh.

    But same time, I'm learning that I should be cautious and handle him properly to make a better base

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    meetu , I can actually see you and siddhu enjoying together My love to him.

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    Kids are fun always asking questions because they discover things that they didn't know yet. I have a 4 and a half yrs old son, he also keeps on asking questions and I keep on explaining things as far as I know that he could understand it well but sometimes I also don't know on how I'm going to explain it lols. That's why I agree with you that parenting is not that easy....
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