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    Lightbulb Travel Tips

    Hi Everyone,
    As you are planning your trip or vacation there are many things that you are going to need to plan for and take care of before your trip starts. You will definitely want to have purchased some type of travel health insurance so that you are covered on your trip in the event of a medical emergency. Travel medical insurance is what is going to protect you if you are taken ill from a virus or from something that you eat. If you have an accident and are injured your travel health insurance will pay to have you taken to safety and for your stay in the hospital.

    Most travel medical insurance will offer you several different policies. If your own personal health insurance already offers you some type of coverage when you are on vacation to out of the country you can think about skipping travel health insurance or you may want to purchase some travel medical insurance to supplement your personal health insurance. The most important thing to consider when buying travel health insurance is the length of time that you will be away. If you are going to be gone for a long period of time or will be traveling often you will want to buy an extended coverage policy. Different travel medical insurance policies will cover different types of medial issues. Some of this coverage may include:

    * Medical and hospital expenses.
    * Dental emergencies
    * 24 hour medical emergency care
    * Emergency evacuation
    * Accidental death
    * Lost luggage
    * Trip cancellation

    When you are purchasing your travel health insurance make sure that your discuss exactly what you are looking for with your travel agent.

    Traveling can be as easy or as complicated as you make it. Here are some travel tips and international travel tips to help make your vacation or trip that much easier:

    • Local currency. This is one of the most common travel tips that you will hear. Before leaving on your vacation change some of your money into the local currency of the country that you are visiting. This will be one less thing for you to worry about when you arrive at your destination.

    • Secure your valuables. Always make sure that your money and traveler’s checks are in safe in your purse or in your hand luggage rather than in your suitcase. Suitcases get lost and stolen and you don’t want to arrive at your destination without and funds.

    • Hotel safe. If the hotel in which you are staying has a safe be sure to take advantage of it and leave your money and valuables in the safe.

    • Luggage. Never leave your luggage unattended in an airport or outside of the airport while you are waiting for your taxi. Always keep a close eye on your bags.

    • Confirmations. After you arrive at your destination take some time to make sure that all your return flight are on time. Making sure that the times you have on your ticket are correct will save you lots of time in the event that there has been a scheduling change that you are unaware of.

    When you are traveling a big concern is always what and how much to bring. Here are some travel packing tips for you to take into consideration:

    • Pack lightly. This is probably one of the most important travel packing tips that you will get. The less you pack the better since you can always pick up those extras or that forgotten sweater at your travel destination.

    • Books on language. If you are traveling to a foreign speaking country you may want to think about taking a long a book that has some common phrases in the language of the country that you are visiting.

    • Color combination. If you pack all of your clothes in two matching colors you will able to mix and match all of the clothes that you have packed, creating a variety of outfit choices.

    • Raincoat. If you are packing a raincoat find one that will double as a windbreaker so that you aren’t taking too many pieces of outer clothing.

    • Jeans. Leave the jeans at home if you can since they weigh more and are harder to carry around. As well they take a longer time to dry if you have to wash some of your clothes and hang them to dry in your hotel room.

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    Good notes re-shared on the preparation reminder. YES it is very important to observe carefully on all clauses stated and stipulated in the health insurance policy and must put an extension if going holiday abroad. Must ask the insurer company's officer the DOs and DON'Ts; so that all things covered as a policy holder. If need to pay extra premium for any extension to be made, negotiate with them for perfect selection of coverage. Got to pay extra premium for extra coverage? Have to!!!

    Write more on travel article denny8569, much better if you can point out on here your local tourists spots to let netizens know the beauty of it.
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    Most of the travelers should know these tips, You explained better, i trust these all tips for travelers. thanks.

    I have some tips see following:

    - Make your lodge reservations in advance, especially if you are visiting a place in summit season. You don’t aspire to be trapped lacking a roof ended your head!

    - Negotiating opportunity tariffs ended the phone? Call the lodge twice to confirm the tariff. Note down the first name of the person you be inflicted with talked to and ask for a written/faxed confirmation. This way you can be guaranteed with the intention of you will not be wrongly allocated by the lodge.

    - Don't depend solely on the hotel's alarm service. Carry your own little alarm timer to catch an ahead of schedule morning running away or with the intention of pre-dawn visiting the attractions tumble.
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    wish I were Paris hilton or son of Angeline jolie, I am sure it is no needed to think that much check list before leaving my country to travel or leisure to other island

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    I am preparing my vacation to India, Kerala next month and these travel tips are really important for me! Thanks denny!

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    That's a great information to handle the things during travelling. As I was planning to have a trip, this post will be really useful to me.

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    These are some very good tips that would really help to have a good vacation, but it is also true that the priorities and the tips do change with respect to the palace we are visiting. One of the most important things that I have been fortunate enough and will always remain to be one of the concerns for the travelers is a good accommodation.

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    That's indeed a very good piece of information that you have provided over here. There are not many who do know about this, it would be a very good thing to have the best of the things going our way. This would without a doubt be help the visitors have a better holidaying experience without any fear.

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    I would agree to that most people do take being one a vacation too lightly but the thing is that you should be at vigil and at the same time also enjoy your vacation. You should see to it that you do have all the necessary things and have made all the required arrangements and most importantly have a preview about the place from people and over the Internet would help you have a better idea about the place. I must say these are some good advises that would just make your vacation a happier one.

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    Well, very useful tips.Remember to book your trip in low season, you can register and get this special place without the crowds. This allows you to browse and explore freely. Limited in a small bag to continue. You do not want to travel with a suitcase and not huge to be able to move with ease.

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