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Thread: How can I prevent the word "null" from appearing in my HTML input text fields when I

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    Default How can I prevent the word "null" from appearing in my HTML input text fields when I

    You could make a simple wrapper function, like

    String blanknull(String s) {
    return (s == null) ? \"\" : s;

    then use it inside your JSP form, like

    <input type="text" name="lastName" value="<%=blanknull(lastName)% >" >

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    You can use java.sql.ResultSet.wasNull (). This method indicates whether the last column read was SQL NULL. Call it once you've downloaded a column value. Print only the value returned when you wasNull () returns false.
    String eight = rs.getString(8);
    if (rs.wasNull()) {
    out.print("the value I want to show when the column was null");
    } else {

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