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Thread: Digital Bhoomi Super Singer Contest

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    Thumbs up Digital Bhoomi Super Singer Contest

    Hi Everyone,

    We are introducing a new contest starting this month. As the title says, it's vocal music competition. The prize is Rs. 500 for the best singer of the month. The number of prizes will be increased in the following months, depending on the response we get.

    Here are the rules:

    1. You must be a member.
    2. The song you choose must be in Indian language. English songs are not allowed.
    3. You can choose classical or cinema music.
    4. You must be 18 or older.
    5. When you record your song, record your name, city and brief details about you before you record your song. We want to make sure no one is uploading the songs sung by Chitra or SP.B or Yesudas. If you win the contest, we may call you and ask you to sing the song over the phone to verify your voice.
    6. You can live anywhere in the world. However, only Indian songs are allowed. We restrict the competition to only Indian songs because we want to encourage and promote Indian singers.

    How to record the song?

    Please see It may be even better if you record a video when you sing and upload to youtube or google video or daily motion. Please see thread about how to add videos to your thread.

    Please see thread for more instructions about recording and uploading songs. If you have difficulty in embedding songs posted to goear or 4shared or youtube, post the complete link in your thread, we will embed your audio/video file.

    After recording your song, post a thread under "Your Voice" (very appropriate, isn't it?!) section.

    The contest starts now and ends on March 31, 2010.

    Length and file format:

    It will be ideal if your recording doesn't exceed 5 minutes. But, there is no limit. You should record your song in MP3 format before uploading to If you are uploading your music video to Youtube, any valid video format (mpg,avi, etc.,) will do. Please see for file formats required by Youtube.

    You may or may not get the chance to enter in Airtel Super Singer contest or the similar contests, but here is your chance to showcase your voice to the world! Rock on!!

    I would love to hear your feedback on this, please leave your comments. If you think your voice is not that good, please forward this thread to a music genius you know.

    Related Link: Monthly forum contest
    Last edited by Ram; 21-03-10 at 12:21 PM. Reason: related link is added, update about length and file format is added, can replaced by should, more instructions

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    Wow !

    What an innovative Contest !
    I love it !

    Can't wait to hear our member's songs.

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    Thumbs up Innovative Digital Bhoomi....Rocking as always...

    That's wonderful news, Ram... great innovation in a virtual site maybe the first of its kind....

    I am sure many would love to participate in it. Looking forward to many entries in the months ahead...

    Thank you Admin and DB...

    Innovative Digital Bhoomi....Rocking as always...Keep going....

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    Enthusiast sreejanani's Avatar
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    Thumbs up great thought

    hey this is a very fantastic idea...... that too people who have passion in singing like me are blessed thank you for intoducing such a lovely contest..many entries will be recieved...

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    Default Innovative idea and Wonderful contest

    It is very interesting and Wonderful contest. I appreciate your efforts to make this site wonderful.

    Thanks Admin and DB
    Last edited by Niti sharma; 07-03-10 at 11:28 AM.

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    Cool Golden opportunity for singers!!

    Digital bhoomi is providing the singer the base to make their career in singing.
    so Don't miss the Golden opportunity. Record your songs!!! and Submit it.

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    Thank you very much DB for this wonderful opportunity.
    Looking forward to it........

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    Wow thats a wonderful opportunity for all those good singers hiding here and there Don't miss it.

    Hhummm Hhumm... Just adjusting my throat... Oh no, don't worry... adjusted just to say "1 2 3, Start"... I'm not singing

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    I think, this would be a good opportunity for budding singers. It would be good for them who cannot afford to compete in bigger contests but who still have a good voice. It is good that you have give the links here itself. I whole-heartedly appriciate it and wish the very best of luck.

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    Congrats Admin, for this wonderful initiative. Sure we have many singers , (bathroom too) who would love to showcase their voice..
    So let me select a song .

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