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Thread: Digital Bhoomi Super Singer Contest

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    this is very interesting !!! like a realityshow oh wow cool

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    Post Indians very less patriotic

    If this type of "event" happens in the US or UK or Malaysia, for sure it has "explode" with 100 participants. But I'm not sad (for now) after being as a Digital Bhoomi member for a year, I know Indians always like to procrastinate and not sporting. In fact, Digital Bhoomi is a real and true India product to be promoted to the world through this singing contest for all netizens across the world to visit/surf.

    Similarly like REVA electric car, a superb India national car condemned by Indians. But after it has been accepted and thumbs up by 16 foreign countries then Indians started to get back to their own product.

    By saying "Oh good!.....Digital Bhoomi always creative" is not enough, that is a spinning words which can kill Digital Bhoomi in future WITHOUT you all participate in this singing contest.

    Better you all hate and odium my words as well as me, personally, rather than leaving this contest without your participation. You all are not PATRIOTIC to your own national product. If I am Indian, for sure, I'll be the first one upload the song.

    You all are not PATRIOTIC - how many days this ad already published and displayed, until to this second no one has uploaded the song.

    I am very frustrated;

    1. Where is J's song?,
    2. Where is Mythilik's song?,
    3. Where is Jo's song?,
    4. Where is drnirmala's song?,
    5. Where is sowmnya's song?,
    6. Where is manisha's song?,
    Where is Viveka's song?,
    7. Where is funlover's song?,
    8. Where is karan's song?,
    9. Where is Rasorr's song?,
    10. Where is rajath's song?,

    You all should be the early birds who take this challenge!!!

    Why you all still sleeping???

    Why you all never take first India's and India's product?

    Don't you all know that Digital Bhoomi is a true product of India which is the thing you must takes first?

    Don't just know say good without your participation......!!! You are killing Digital Bhoomi, actually. UNLESS you participate !!!

    J, Mythilik, and Jo - you all really have had made me frustrated!!! Sorry for my french as I must say it!!!
    Prosperity sharing with our lovely Digital Bhoomi (DB)
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    Mike, I do understand how frustrated you are by our attitude. You are a hyperactive person. Please give us some more time. the final date of submission of entries is 31st of March, 2010. I am sure there will be participation from many more.

    Already a new member Prabhakar has uploaded two of his songs. You may please listen to them till you get some more from the rest of us...

    One more thing is : Mike, I do hope that like me all our friends here will take your words in the right spirit and participate in the contest. Thank you very much for giving us a "jolting" thread...

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    Mike, I can understand your frustration and I am happy to have one friend there to give a push to everyone to start...

    But unfortunately, I'm totally exhausted here, in search of new home (as my husband got a new job and we need to move to another city). Here we need to start the search atleast 3 months before and the process are really long and painful (equivalent to finding a job, need to attend 2-3 interviews with the landlord or housing agencies), searching in newspapers & internet, sending applications...

    I'm not finding time even to write one or two posts in beloved DB Ahhh I'm really tired and sick. Need a break, really.

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    Hey Mike , you missed my name ..Cant blame you , since my long absence might have faded my name But I am back !! and this time in full swing I missed so much , have lot to catch up !!! So gimme some time before you all get to hear my sweet voice

    Admin , this is really a unique contest I have coem across through , and I was so happy to read the guideline provided ..Kudos to the person from whom this idea sprung !!
    Last edited by dreamygal; 22-03-10 at 05:47 PM.

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    Yes Dreamygal, we all missed you so much. hope you are back with a bang to stay here like before....Mike is q busy with his event managements...You do have to catch up a lot with all the updates....

    very glad to see you again....

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    Thanx Jayashree And yes this time its a permanent stay

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    Post Special for J, Mythilik, and D.

    Good day to all of you wherever you are and I have to classified my second reply as my special comment to J, Mythilik, and D;


    I deeply appreciated your sincerest works about passing me up the latest info happening in Digital Bhoomi through FACEBOOK, I used Facebook as my communicating tools to all of my event management business and the activities. Your "niche" chat really has had me happy although I'm always on late reply to your chime-in and you are the one person who understood my real situation as sometimes I am handling 12 chats at one time while have to respond to 50 messages per day at Facebook after I published my 2010 Event Calendar at Facebook.

    I respect completely admiring your superb participation in our respectful Digital Bhoomi Singing Contest, I salute your high patriotic value in making Digital Bhoomi is India and India is Digital Bhoomi. Your singing son too, Abhi has done it very well after I have tested it (his voice) to my sound mixer/synthesizer machine and compare it with the original sound track. Proud to say that Abhi has bright future in singing world if he continues his voice/vocal practice everyday as he got extra talent in keyboard as musician. Give him extra care in music industry as he is carrying his grandfather's "artist" blood. Your son is your life star. You too carry the same. Cheers, J.

    SPECIAL FOR Mythili:

    Thanks Mythili for nice respond and so sorry to hear your current hardship life running in your history. Hopes all will be fine to you and the needed settlement solved in short time. But, if you missed this contest, meaning that you have missed two (2) mega contests published by Digital Bhoomi; last year's 2009 Independence Day Contest and this Singing Contest which who knows it can generate new life for you.


    I never forget you, D. So sorry for my less in publishing the above list as I thought you're no longer interested in Digital Bhoomi. I knew you're very active in IWF, my cheers! for your superb works on that site.

    OK D, you too, I hope don't miss this singing contest as you have missed last year's 2009 Independence Day Contest. Make yourself a somebody for this contest by uploading your voice. A very inappropriate reason if you put your lame excuse as "shy participation". Gears up and show your talent and do not bother what others say about it. You must understand and take any negative comment as a positive push. I hope you will be the one in the participating singers me excuse, D, just "throw" your voice into the recording system and upload it here.


    From this special singing contest, we can know the true color of the individual in Digital Bhoomi member in making Digital Bhoomi a real superb India's product to the eyes of the world.

    I eulogize to all participants in this Singing Contest no matter who they are and where they come from. I extol them much as they can accept themselves as what they be and very proud in supporting any Digital Bhoomi promotional program.

    For those who still put up excuses and tried hard to shun themselves from participating this singing contest, yeah!.....what else that I can say but you are very low in my eyes. You are good in theory but very low in reality. You can talk good things.....many good things BUT you never appreciate your own goodness. You afraid facing failure but you only know to talk what is failure in theory. In your real life you are a coward group of people.

    I am always sincere and sincerest in putting up my comment.
    Prosperity sharing with our lovely Digital Bhoomi (DB)
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    Thumbs up Thank you Mike...

    Thank you very much, dear Mike for your sincere words of praise, appreciation and encouragement.

    One feels very great when someone encourages him. Constructive criticisms by a well wisher or friend also needs to be highly appreciated and understood as the leading stones to our future successes. Mike, we all appreciate your constructive criticisms and are also very happy and proud when you encourage us.

    Yes Mike, facebook is a sort of connecting bridge. It is very easy to find you/communicate with you as you are found "everywhere on the net" and also doing the good work of spreading our dear Forum far and wide wherever you go...Thank you friend...

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    wow thanks ram i liked the ways and the steps by u ... even ill try to win or parisipate in that

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