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Thread: Tips for getting a better night sleep

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    Smile Tips for getting a better night sleep

    Getting the proper amount of sleep is very necessary. When we sleep our body repairs and rejuvenate itself. Most adults need between seven to eight hours of sleep. An estimated 30% - 50% of the general population are affected by insomnia and 10% have chronic insomnia.

    Avoid tea, coffee and colas 5-6 hrs before going to bedsince it has caffeine.
    Avoid alcohol since it has caffeine and nicotine which will keep us awake.
    Avoid smoking since it has nicotine
    Each night go to sleep at the same time and get up at the same time, which will condition the body.
    Use your bed only for sleeping and not for other activities.
    Excecise regularly.
    Avoid liquids before bed time, as it will lead you to bathroom in night.
    If you can't sleep within 30 minutes, get up and do a quiet activity in some other room and return to bed when you are sleepy.
    If you are fond of music, then listen to calm and sooothing music. It will transform your mind and body into a deep relaxed state which will help in inducing sleep.
    Deep breathing also induces sleep. as it has a calming and relaxing effect.
    At night keep your bedroom dark, as light interferes with our sleep cycle.
    Eat your food 2 hrs before going to bed, as eating late at night makes metabolic rate and body temperature increase which makes it harder to sleep.

    There are some food which induces sleep which are as follows:-
    Warm milk and diary products- It has tryptophan, which has a sedative effect and calcium which helps the brain to use tryptophan.
    Banana- They also contain tryptophan and magnesium which is a muscle relaxant.
    Oat meal- It is a rich source of melatonin which invites sleep.
    Almonds- They contain both tryptophen and magnesium which induces sleep.
    Honey - If taken in small amount it tells brain to turn off orexin that is linked to alertness.
    Poultry, lentils, whole cereal, sea food, soya products- These are rich in trypptophan which induces sleep.
    Hope all of you get a good night's sleep...
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    Sanchitha, thank you for sharing those valuable tips on how to get good sleep.

    It is essential that the body is given good rest after a day's work. A sound sleep in the night will keep a body healthy and energetic to be prepared for the next day's work. We will be able to work with greater enthusiasm only when we have given enough rest needed by our body.

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    I read all tips and tips are very useful. I am sharing some more tips.
    - Go to bed and get up at about the same time every day, even on the weekends.
    - Don't eat or drink large amounts before bedtime.
    - Exercise regularly.
    - Make your bedroom cool, dark, quiet and comfortable.
    - Sleep primarily at night.
    - Choose a comfortable mattress and pillow.

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    Thanks for posting such a valuable tips for a getting a better night sleep.

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    thanks sanchita i needed that because i study till 11:30 .. i was not getting a proper sleep

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    Right sanchita Getting the proper amount of sleep is essential.When we sleep our body itself repairs and rejuvenate.It is a very necessary for mind being able to function properly.

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    Avoid smoking and alcohol. Many people drink alcohol at night to help sleep. However, while this will help you sleep quality is much less true that alcohol leads to a restless nights sleep. Caffeine causes the opposite problem , it is difficult to sleep first, and smoking is generally bad, because it can cause breathing difficulties at night.

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    Avoid beverages containing caffeine is another useful idea to sleep better. Caffeine is a stimulant known. Even if that cup of hot chocolate may seem attractive, chocolate also contains caffeine. Everyone recognizes that coffee guilty as a deterrent to sleep, but many types of tea and soft drinks also contain.

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    Well, A good idea is to listen to white noise or relaxation CDs, which served many people and can really help. If you have not tried before, this is one of the methods tested in turn. Even if you are voice can help, because it has a soothing voice that can help you sleep.

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    Tips for the healthy sleeping:-

    - Exercise.
    - Do yoga.
    - Ease off the caffeine.
    - Sleep Alone.
    - Meditate before going to bed.

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