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Thread: Vinnaithandi Vauvaya – Movie Review

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    Default Vinnaithandi Vauvaya – Movie Review

    This latest Gautham Menon (of kaaka kaaka,Vettaiyadu vilayadu fame) fame is a love story –very natural, very light and nothing unusual –yet something special.

    The movie shows Silambarasan aka simbu in new light …a calm lover boy and Trisha is a beautiful malayalee Christian neighbor of the hero. And yes you guessed it -they fall in love and yes you are right again- Trisha’s parents wont accept a hindu boy. A Very simple, also a very much heard story.

    But the first part of the movie just races through because of the scenes, which is like a series of memorable snaps put into one big album. The character of the ‘camera man’ friend of Simbu is another big reason to keep the first half moving so well –his humor is fresh.

    The lead pair does a wonderful job…they look good, make you feel good/smile…create a romantic mood. Trisha looks gorgeous in lovely cotton saris and subtle performance. And what a relief to see Simbu underplay and not be Simbu.

    The scenic beauty of Kerela and the foreign locations in the songs are a treat to the eye. The editing is something new and plays a huge role in keeping the movie alive. The songs by A.R.Rahman linger in the ears. Vinnaithandi varuvaa (by Karthick) , Hosanna ,omana penne (by Benny) are my favorites.

    The second half of the movie slows down a bit. I kept wondering why Karthick (Simbu) would try so much to make Trisha fall in love with him but wouldn’t work on talking it out to her parents. He somehow leaves it to the girl. The final climax is a twist in the tale –whether she crosses the skies to reach him. This is what makes the movie more natural then filmic. Isn’t it how many of the real life loves end up? Isn’t this how most real life girls are held between parents and their love?

    The best part about the movie is that it would remind each of the audience at least a moment with their true love. Of moments and days where love keeps you afloat, smiling, happy, beautiful and alive.

    Watch it for the songs, watch it for the beautiful lead pair and their not-usual performances, and watch it for re-kindling your romantic nerves.

    I read an appreciation letter (source: from the director legend K.Balachander to Gautham menon saying in detail about how much he enjoyed the movie and end of the day went back home to tell his wife ‘I love you’ who resorted back with shyness. Well, at this age, to a man like him, if a movie could do that, there is something special about it-don’t you think?

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    I got the chance to see this lovely movie yesterday. It is a beautiful movie. The locations and the background score creates a magic. The chemistry between Simbhu and Trisha is something great. It is a treat for the eyes of lovers of Good Cinema. The songs are too good.

    The song “ mannipaya “ is really heart touching . It is a movie worth being watched. There is no vulgarity or the usual fight scenes or punch dialogues. It is a slow moving story of true love a guy can have for a girl.

    It is worth being watched in theatres. Try watching the movie and enjoy the ambience of love.

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    Nice Movie

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    Default Vennai Thaandi Varuvaaya

    Thanks alot to Goutham Meenon what a movie i have watched in telugu and tamil both very nice movie superb music from Rahman

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