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    Default Health Bank A/c

    Have you ever thought of opening a health bank account?

    Just 5 simple steps to grow rich in this account to begin with.

    1)Exercise-Just 20 minutes a day like walking & pranayama.

    2)Remember to eat Fruits,farm fresh produce vegetables,fibre rich cereals,pulses atleast 3

    servings a day.

    3)Have fun & laughter with family/friends atleast once a week.

    4)Just do one little good deed a day-a totally selfless one to satisfy your soul.

    5)Pray/Meditate for 10 mts everyday.

    Give one pont each for the above & see how rich u are.

    All the best for becoming a millionare shortly!!!!

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    Thumbs up Stay fit...

    Very interesting way to keep ourselves fit, CSS...No need of introduction, PAN card, address proof etc...

    Becoming and staying rich health wise is the most important factor in life. Thanks CSS, for sharing the tips in an interesting manner...

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