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Thread: Why are "WE" this way?????

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    Default Why are "WE" this way?????

    Last weekend i happend to go to a temple in nj.the evening went on good however by the end of the day i was inundated with many thoughts..
    There is a cafeteria in the premises of the temple usually its crowded but on this particular weekend it's unbelivable!!!!!!!!!it has a token system like you get served when your number is called.
    To my utter shock nobody cared whether they called or not .......they were literally hounding the open kitchen...seriously for a split second I thought I was in hyderabad.there were papers stuck on walls to maintain queue.who cares????
    On that day because of huge crowd cafeteria management were not offering to-go boxes in lieu asked us to use a cling wrap on paper bowls,the wrap on the roller was torn in all possible ways thay it can no longer be used by those who arrives late..and I happend to be one of them..
    I felt bad.can't people be sensible enough to think about others??
    This really made me think a lot..and all i could ask myself was...why are we (indians) this way??
    We never care about anything..all we say is "sab chalta hai".it applies virtually for everything.We are always ready to break the rules.We behave only when we are observed like in usa...because of CC cameras we are cautious not to jump traffic signals,we stand patiently in line until we get called.Why are we so ever-ready to do the opposite if were given a chance??
    these people who were so mean at the temple are well mannered else where...
    Will we ever growup????what are we gonna teach our kids??
    "Nomatter how thin you make a slice it always has two sides"...Even We indians have many good things to talk about but there is an "other side" of us that needs an overhaul..for good.....
    What do you say??

    P.S:no offences iam sharing my thoughts and please do share yours

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    Great post. Please expand the acronyms (New Jersey instead of nj) for the benefit of all members. I have witnessed similar scenes; If you go to places where lot of Mexicans or Chinese gather together, you will see similar situations. It's not only Indians.

    I think we have got another "Sowmya" in the forum! (fyi - Sowmya writes only few posts but of high quality)

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    As Administrator mentioned, it is not only Indians Priyanka, it is all over the world. But as you said, Indians have MORE tendency than any others.

    WE always need some eyes behind us to keep us on the track, as we were taught in that way.

    When were young, I often heard words like "Don't do that, people will laugh at you", instead of hearing "Don't do that. It is wrong". So, what I learnt is, "I should not do, just because people will laugh at me. So, I can do if no one watches me", instead of learning it is wrong to do it.

    When I were working, I hate to use the office toilet (note, it is an MNC with all those stylish Indian women working. Mentioning women only, as I used women toilet only ).

    The reason I hate was, these wonderful ladies never flushed properly, spilled water all over the toilet area, never cleaned the toilet seat after using. I really felt like slapping them and ask "Will you do this, if it is your home?".

    Ahh, I always did the job of cleaing the toilet before and after using, and used to think that I came to office to work as both s/w engg as well as toilet cleaner.

    The mentality of the gals who used previously could be "why should I do, when the company has some one else (cleaners) to do it?". But they never understand that someone like me will come before a cleaner comes, to use the toilet. I am not sure what these gals did when it was not clean when they came to use it.

    May be need to set some alarm which will rang through out the office premises, if someone opens the toilet door without cleaning the spilled water or toilet seat properly.

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    Priyanka, a very "matter of fact" kind of thread about Indians in particular...The reply posts by Administrator and Mythili are also ones which hit the nail on the head...

    As Ram (the Admin) says, Priyanka, you are another Sowmya who rarely writes but whatever you write is too good a topic. Congrats.

    And coming to the topic of discussion, as Meetu says, it is taught from our childhood that one should not do something because others will laugh at you or will hate you or because others will tease you and NOT because it is wrong or it is harmful.

    So this sort of feeling to live our lives for the sake of others, ie not selflessly but just not to fall down in the eyes of "others" make us behave in a fashion unapproved when no one is watching us.

    Discipline needs to be practiced by all before we preach/teach it to others and needs to be inculcated from childhood. We should understand that by doing things in the correct way will help us to live our lives peacefully and we will feel happy at the end.

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    Thank you so much

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    Another wonderful post and its time to ponder. I think , such incidents are quite common, in common toilets, in public gardens, or on the roadsides.
    Its every individual's responsibility to keep his surroundings clean and teach others too.
    I take special care to put garbage only in dustbins even when i am travelling around.

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