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    Everyones life will have some memories of the past, which we would like to recollect often and love to store in our heart. Orkukka Vallapozhum (which means, Remember me sometimes), is one such story (written and directed by Sohanlal), where a old man Sethu Madhavan (played by Thilakan) recollects his childhood days and the adolescent age.

    Sethu Madhavan, who is around 70 years was left all alone in this world, when his wife expires and his only son moves to states with his family. He gets enough time to dwell in his past old memories. He drives to an old bungalow situated in a high range. It is the place where he spent his life from childhood to adolescent age.

    The movie is taken in such a way that it oscillates between the past and present. Every location and incident takes Sethu Madhavan (and us along with him) to the past where he reveals his stored golden memories of his friend Paru (played by Shilpabala). His father worked as a teacher in a British school (the past story belongs to the British ruling days) and he too studied in the same school. Paru is his classmate and best friend.

    Paru has a different and sad story. Her father is a drumer, and he always roam from place to place playing drums for the temple festivals. Her mom married another person and the step father treats her cruely. Sethu was the only relief for her, sharing her pains.

    When grown to adolescent age, they both fall in love with each other. But life takes a turn with a cruel fate. The British rule comes to an end, and so Sethu's family leaves the place and moves to city (chennai). Sethu promises Paru that he will come back once when settled. But Paru insists him not to come back and asks him to remember her sometimes. With confusions, Sethu leaves the place.

    After a long time, Sethu returned now as a old man, in search of his old love Paru. But he couldn't find her, and was shocked when he sees a young girl looking same like Paru. Later he discovers that girl as Paru's younger daughter and also finds that Paru was killed by her own father, because she was turned into prostitute by her mother.

    Hearing this news, Sethu feels so sad and cries from his heart, standing in a location where he played with Paru as a young kid and the movie ends here.

    Strength of the movie

    1. The way it is shot, moving between present and past without any confusions.
    2. The location (kuddos to camera man). The greenary scenes of high ranges are good.
    3. The nostalgic memories and the way it is shared.
    4. Thilakan, the great actor.

    Weakness of the movie

    1. Felt dragging sometimes, giving an art movie effect at some places.

    So, my opinion is, if you are a person who loves reading old diaries often, recollecting past memories, you will love this movie. If you are a person, who just love songs and dance, then this is not your cup of coffee
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    As per your review or rather the narration of the story, looks like the movie will be poetic like many Malayalam movies. Some times they give you the feeling of dragging because we are used to fast narration and quick scene changes. So as you say it may be liked by few who enjoy such genre.

    The story is good (though there is not much of a tale in it). Maybe the way it is presented would have been good as per your comments.

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