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    I had the opportunity of seeing "Born Free" (1966) today on the television. It was an Oscar winning movie and though I have heard about the movie, it was a pleasure watching it today.

    It is really amazing to see the friendliness the lioness has towards her guardians, Joy Adamson and George Adamson. She grows up playing with them and later the Adamsons realize that they have to either send her to a zoo or set her free. As Joy does not want her to be caged in a zoo for the rest of her life, they decide to set her free in the jungle.

    Initially, Elsa, the lioness is unable to chase or kill her prey but later learns it and finally she is set free.

    She manages to find a partner and finally when the couple go to meet Elsa again, she comes running towards them with her 3 little cubs and spends the noon with them. Then her master, the king of the jungle, roars and calls her and she returns to him with her cubs giving a last loving look at the Adamsons.

    It is indeed a very astonishing fact to see how animals show their love, affection and gratitude to the human beings while we resort to not only hunting them as a sport but also kill our own fellow brothers in the name of religion, caste, creed and greed and what not...

    Hope we start learning to love one another from these animals and birds who are much more cultured and well behaved than us...
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