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Thread: ICICI Direct - Technical Fault during Trading Hours

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    Thumbs down ICICI Direct - Technical Fault during Trading Hours

    The ICICI Direct - Trading site very often shows Technical Fault only during the trading hours. Even their helpline numbers are not available during this time. For an important product like Trading Site, it should work perfectly atleast during the Trading hours.
    Also, they should have a different helpline number for ICICI Direct and not a common one which deals with Bank, Credit Card, Trading etc altogether. It's damn frustrating.

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    There is a program on NDTV where you can call a reporter to your home and make them record the problem and the response you get from them.. they air iton TV and sent a complain to the authorities. May be you can try that... in a way it will help many other Indians to decide on which service should they take...

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