I do not know whether these achievements really able to make you happy or turns overleaf. During watching F1 Shanghai Grand Prix today I received a news from my colleague (New Delhi) told me that what has been expected or projected by Gucharan Das achieved the target;

- 35% middle class in 2010 statistic, achieved. Next target is 50% by 2020.
- 7.5% to 8.5% GDP growth is in steadily and surely achieved.
- 300 millions of Indians speaking English (although Hindilish), achieved.

That's all the major target or expectation for The Great India in 2010 and make more things very clear by 2012 India will take over Japan position as the third world largest economy.

The minor thing, India now broadcasting 180 TV channel throughout the nation.

A real "Syabaash India" and what else to say to Digital Bhoomi members!

"Support India Support Digital bhoomi Super Singer Contest!"