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Thread: How To Lock Your Private Folders

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    Lightbulb How To Lock Your Private Folders

    I know many of people would not like other relatives or friends checking your private folders,very annoying some times.So i have created this thread so that next time you hide it and lock it so that your friends and family cannot open it and also make the folders invisible(Hidden) so they can not see it.

    How To Lock a Folder :-

    Step 1:- First Create A New Folder Where you want to put a password to it(Right Click -> New -> New Folder)

    Step 2:- Copy all Your Important or private stuff into the new folder created.

    Step 3:- Now Right Click on the new folder created ,you will find an option Compressed (zipped) Folder in the send to category. (Right Click -> Send To -> Compressed (zipped) Folder).

    Step 4:- A Compressed zipped folder gets created Next to the folder you have created.

    Step 5:- Open the compressed folder you have created.

    Step 6:- Now goto File menu and select Add a password.(File -> Add a password)

    Now You Can Type Your desired password and your folder will be locked.

    How To Hide The Folder:-

    Step 1:- Right click the folder you want to hide then Select Properties(Right Click -> Properties).

    Step 2:- At The End of the properties screen you can see an option called hidden,mark it and apply it.

    Now Your Folder is hidden

    Any Doubts please feel free to ask.

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    Really nice information.Thanks for sharing.Keep share your knowledge to all and in return you get bless.

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    Thank you for giving guidance for hiding folders. Finally i did it, keep giving information like this.

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    Thumbs up Information is already clear

    Quote Originally Posted by premeet01245 View Post
    please tell full process

    I hope information is clear to understand if you have any problem just mention where you are facing problem.

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    Really great information,Yeah this trick works for me, code is absolutely ok.

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    Super info; thank you shyco

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    The information you have given to lick the private folde is really nice . Because esome time our relative , friend comes at our home and use P.C . They some time look our private message or like this we can loose our secret .

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    I am using Ubuntu from last 4 months. So this is not as much helpful to me.Is there any trick to Lock folder in Ubuntu.

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    Here is a little trick Lock Your Private Folder . Suppose you want to lock the folder movies XYZ. What is the path D: \ movies.In the same creates a text file and ren movies (21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D) Now save the text file as loc.bat Create a new text file and type ren movies(21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D) movies .Now save the text file as key.bat 2 batch files lock and key. Press lock and the folder games will change the control panel and you can not see it. Press the button and go back to the original folder.

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