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    Exclamation Tips to check adulteration...

    Some useful tips to check adulteration and contamination :

    Milk – Put a drop of milk on a polished vertical surface. If it stops or flows slowly leaving a white trail behind, it is pure milk. Milk mixed with water will flow down immediately without a trace.

    Honey – A cotton wick dipped in pure honey burns when lit. If there is water in the honey, it will not or at least create a crackling noise.
    Sugar and salt – Dissolve the sugar or salt in a glass of water. Chalk or stone will settle down at the bottom.

    Ice cream – Pour some lemon juice on it. If little bubbles fizzy it contains washing powder.

    Ghee or butter – Add a spoon of ghee or butter to an equal amount of cleaning acid, a pinch of cane sugar and shake well. Crimson reveals the adulterant, vanaspati.

    Coffee – Sprinkle some coffee powder on a glass of water. Unadulterated coffee will float but chicory will sink within seconds and will also leave behind a trail of color due to a large amount of caramel.

    Tea – Rub tea leaves on a paper. Artificial color will stain it. If sprinkled on a wet filter paper, it will show pink or red spots. Move a magnet through it and iron bits will move.

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    nice tips to check adulteration....I will surely try these tips....

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    Thanks Jayaji for your tips , and these are some of ready to do tips at home. Some points I have mentioned earlier too.

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    this is really nice tips.I recalled what i read in class 10th.Adulteration was one topic in my subject.genrally people add brick powder in chilli and in coriander powder,they add animal waste.

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    These tips are very good and informative. I shall try. I have one more tips about milk adulterateation which is :
    Milk adulterated with water can be easily found out with an instrument called lactometer. The lactometer measures the specific gravity of milk.

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    Milk adulteration is happening rampantly within the city. Milk bags are laced with harmful ingredients like starch, urea, and detergent. Anti Adulteration Tips:

    1.Filter Paper Test
    2.Density test
    3.Water contamination checks

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    All milk is heated too develop a sour look. It is the milk protien and also why the cheese is too hot for a grainy texture and becomes nearly indigestible. Athlon This has nothing to do with milk quality or pollution or chemicals. I grew in raw milk on a farm where there were no chemicals used in fertilizer, pesticide-free and hand bills, properly cooled, etc.

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    This is truly nice information. I have one additional tip about milk adulterateation, boil 5 ml. of the sample in a check tube. Cool and a drop of iodine solution. Blue colour indicates attendance of Starch. colour disappears on hot & reappears on cooling.

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