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Thread: PPC Advertising vs. SEO

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    For beginners, it best to start for free with SEO and learn the basic of keywords, marketing, site building, etc. Then when you start getting more advanced you will probably want to try your hand at PPC and other paid advertising for faster more widespread results.

    Overall, although SEO is great free traffic and can reap some great results over time, it has been known to be uncontrollable and unpredictable. Google can make one algorithm change and your site can easily fall from grace. Just search what happened with some big name sites like HubPages which have been scrambling to get back in good with Google after the recent farmer/panda update.

    For this very reason, I do not trust SEO as much as I once did; I prefer to focus my efforts on more stable paid marketing than being at the mercy of Google and other search engine changes.

    As with anything, when you pay money for it, you have more control. If you get something free, you usually have no control.

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    PPC and SEO are both good in enhancing your website and boosting web traffic but I guess there are many blogger and entrepreneurs use SEO rather than PPC.

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    Pay per click (PPC) is a form of online advertising that you, the advertiser, only pay for when someone clicks on your ad. PPC, also known as paid search, guarantees your advert appears on a search engine results page (SERP) when a user searches on a specific keyword or term.

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    There is no doubt that for immediate results the PPC route is clearly the way to go. You will get immediate results. My suggestion is that as soon as you put your first dollar into PPC you should start working on Search Engine Optimization yourself.

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    In addition, if you only want to promote your brand on the Internet, I can then allow marketing ppc advertising your brand or promote your business name on the network, often at little or no cost.

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    PPC means pay per click. SEO stands for SEO. The benefits of PPC advertising are geographically specific, cost control, marketing approach of the season, the immediate results, businesses of all sizes an easy and has a record of the conversation.

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    PPC promotion is a dynamic market, the higher you bid, the higher your commercial will appear in the list. As the name implies, you do not need to pay the listing, but only clicks. It lets you get the most exposure, and can control the amount to spend your promotion activities. There is no risk, you can clearly track the effectiveness of your PPC commercial campaign, but it is an inorganic know-how, which is organic search engine optimization.

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    PPC indicates pay per click. SEO indicates Search Engine Optimization. The advantages of PPC promotion are geographically particular, cost management, promotion strategy of the period, the immediate outcomes, firms of all styles an easy and has a history of discussion.

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    PPC is Pay Per Click and it is an advertisement concept. In this advertiser can pay to publisher when their advertise will click. It concept for increase traffic for short time and aware about new launches to peoples. It effects only short time.
    SEO is search Engine Optimization and it uses to increase visibility of site in search engine via oraganic search. It effects long time on our site. It also helps to increase traffic on our site.

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    Well Both of them are Helpful but i will recommend you SEO , because PPC adds will not show Good results without SEO Tips or SEO Guidance. SEO will help you in increasing Traffic of your website and will also increase the page rank of your website.

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