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Thread: Best Investment Plan..???

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    Default Best Investment Plan..???

    Hai Friends......... Any Best Investment Plan in India..???

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    There are many things but if you mention in details about how much you are interested to invested and how long do you stay invested and how much you are you expecting in return?Once you will reply,I will suggest you.

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    Gold investment is very much in the news today and to buy gold as an investment is easy to do provided a few important factors are taken into account. It might sound obvious but the first rule would be buy the cheapest gold you can. This means shopping around and a lot of browsing and comparing notes to find the best deals. There is a difference between dealers when it comes to coins and small bars and also take into account the shipping and handling charges which can also vary between dealers and mints.

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    Best Investment Plan is to real estate investing. The only point is the time and place, when and where, to invest in it. Not all investments in real estate sector, and to achieve the expected results, and the reason is that the time was not the appropriate entry.

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    Default Re: Best Investment Plan..???

    There are many good investment options available in the market. I would recommend you to approach some reputed stock broking firm. Their experienced experts will suggest you the best investment options that will suit your financial profile.

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    If you are a person who has realized the importance of investments and if you're thinking about investment plans that could be very beneficial to you, you would then need to consider investing in certificate of deposits. Certificate of deposits or CDs, as they are commonly referred to, are one of the best investment plans available for any investor who wishes to have the best out of their investment.Such deposits are for a minimal period of one year thus making it very useful if you need to withdraw the earning or earned interest after a year. You need to know that the earning of a certificate of deposits is definitely taxable each year. Depending on the tax bracket you come under, the earnings are thus taxed are directly affecting your returns. Just like most other investment plans, the return on investment earned by these deposits are purely based on the time frame of maturity and also the market fluctuations. If you let the deposits or the investments mature for a longer period of time, you can be rest assured that the returns are higher.

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    I think Mutual funds are best option for investment...

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    Investment in India there are many option like mutual fund, share market, gold investment but as per my point of view the best option is real estate.Right now in India current market is cover most of real estate area. It is booming for people. Small risk high profit business is real estate.

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    According to me there are so many scope in India for investment. I would prefer property investment business is a really good investment. You can also investment in a gold. Gold is also a one of the best way for investment in india.

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    In my opinion real estate investment is better. Definitely prices will go higher. Always buy property which has the possibility of development.

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