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    Default My Vaio uncle

    I ran home from school on that day, not even waiting for any of my usual friends. The day was special -the day when my uncle from US would arrive, that too with fabulous gifts, my brother had said. The uncle would open his suitcase and a beautiful aroma would spread all over our bedroom …the smell of the perfumes, the smell of new branded clothes, and the smell of US. I would go the next day to school flashing the new bag and pencil box and my friends would flock around me admiring the novelties, cursing their moms for not having distant US cousins.

    I still remember all that vividly though it happened years ago, some moments never fade away.

    Uncle, one day was telling us all over dinner, as to what hard work and long hours they have to run and how monotonous life was, back in the states. Innocently I asked him, then why he would continue staying there? Why would not he be here in Madras where we can go to the beach? He made the answer very simple for the 12 year old asking the question. He said “Sowmi (that’s how he called me), I want to buy a Sony vaio, you know it is a lot of money and I need to earn it” (I believe it was the year when Sony entered the PC market). I vaguely understood that he was talking about some costly device.

    That was the first and last I met of him.

    Couple of years ago, when I moved out of India I spoke to the uncle, who was rarely in touch. He wished me all the best and I was re-counting the conversation we had a decade+ ago. I was telling him, now it was my turn to work for a Vaio, he felt happy I had remembered the crux of the conversation.

    In a span of two-three years since I spoke to him his health deteriorated badly and never being married he had accumulated lot of wealth, lot of loneliness in the foreign country. He passed away the beginning of this year.

    Ten months ago he sent me a huge parcel through a friend. It was a brilliant red Sony Vaio laptop and he had written ‘Sowmi, don’t love anything that cannot love you back, it makes the most sense to me right now’. I did not care much for that laptop, the note though I have treasured as a priceless gift. So that, when it comes to a choice between money and happiness, the gift will always remind me which way to go. Thank God for all the wondrous people I get to meet in this journey of life!

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    Sowmya, A well written piece of your experience with a thought provoking message in the end...

    It is very true that we give more importance to inanimate things which may give momentary pleasure to us than to the people around us who are capable of reciprocating our feelings. It is essential to work hard for earning luxuries as well as essentials. But it is more essential to have a healthy, happy and genuine relationship with people around us. Memories of such happiness are greater treasures to be cherished than the momentary happiness we get from inanimate things.

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